Arise one and all!

Last night in a dream, I heard these words repeatedly, “My presence, My power, My provision.” The presence of God was so inviting and the words full of total confidence. I woke up and started decreeing FULLNESS and a release of ALL He has to do the work He has called each of us to do.

“His heart is for ALL men to no longer live for themselves, but for HIM who died for them and rose again.” (2 Corinthians 5:15).

Arise one and all!

There was a war cry response in my spirit, a resounding YES to walk in fullness. A yearning to cross over into the promises of God, no longer bound by naturally perceived limitations.

A wooing from Father God in those words. “My presence, My power, My provision!”

I hear the Father saying, “Listen with your spiritual ears and look with your spiritual eyes, I want you to reach out beyond your own human understanding and beyond what you’ve known in past days. I want you to take what is rightfully yours! To walk in the fullness of My Kingdom realm, My authority, not eating the mere crumbs, but that you feast fully on Me and My Word. I AM your bread of LIFE.”

There is a war cry coming out of Heaven and it’s for the Bride to take what is rightfully hers!

“I’ve given you My authority. Greater works shall you do as you place your trust in Me. I will bring about all the necessary pieces of the puzzle,” says the Spirit of God.

“I need you to cross over that invisible line, no more harking back to old familiar ground. False mindsets of limited hope will no longer hold you back! There is no going back! We move forward now, as you let Me lead you. It’s by the power of My spirit. With your heart in My hand, I will lead you and take you where you’ve never been. Simply trust Me. I Am Hope.”

“What you’ve known up to now is a mere taste, a snippet of what I have for you! What I will release in and through you by the power of My Spirit will confound the wise and reveal My Kingdom realm to all those around! Many will taste and see and revel in My goodness! Astounded by My Love and relieved to walk in Peace. My power, a sign and wonder for all to see! In your weakness, I will make you strong!”

“Make demands on Me. Cry out to Me. You and I will set captives free! Call upon Me, seek Me and wait upon Me. My Weighty Glory will fall upon you. Miracles will flow. Many will be set free into liberty! My presence will lead you. My power will be on display through you. My provisions will flow!”

“Arise one and all. Go!”

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