Golden Glory!

I saw golden thread coming out of the mouths of the saints, meters and meters of it.. endless thread. It represents the glory of God (presence and power) coming from our God given words!
As the saints raise their voices in this hour, a global outpouring of glory will be seen. The presence of God being released through the anointing of Christ on every voice! The earth will vibrate with Heaven’s glorious sound!

Golden Glory is in the sound! Habakkuk 2:14 (NIV) For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.
EACH and EVERY voice contains power! That means YOU! Faces will turn and see the King of Glory resting upon you- it’s true! Hearts will melt as the presence of God will set men free! You don’t minister out of your fluctuating circumstances. You minister out of your identity. Christ qualifies you with His authority! He has clothed you in garments of righteousness. You are royalty and have authority!
Speak His words of LIFE!

I see wave after wave after wave of MERCY being released upon the earth!
The King of Glory loves you and me! His is mercy and His heart is full of compassion! He has made you perfect in His sight and we enter through Him.
Local Churches will explode with influx in these days and the Church will be known as a family to the world. A refuge! A safe haven! The broken and lonely- those who know they are bankrupt without God will come together and celebrate! Hearts surrendered, poor in spirit no more!


Itinerant ministries will support local Churches and there will be such HONOR given to leaders and a rallying together, where each one brings what ever gifts’ God has given and entrusted. The Local Church will be strong and courageous! Built and restored on the Chief Cornerstone. Christ, the Hope of Glory. It’s all together- many will get this.

We are about to see tremendous power surges in the nations as an outpouring of the presence of God awakens many to arise, shine! The glory of God so bright, signs, wonders and miracles will become everyday norm in this move of God.

“Intimacy with Me” says the Spirit of God.

From the King’s banqueting table the Bride will usher in a wave of Glory that will ignite fires of revival! The words of glory that come out of YOUR mouth will set many free! As you decree the truth in love, God’s glory will be seen through you and through me!

“FEAR NOT! for I am with you, says the Lord!”

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