Resurrected Dreams and the Power of Love!


A week ago, in the early hours, I heard the words, ‘resurrected dreams and the power of love’. Such excitement in my spirit as I heard these words! The tangible presence of God hovers over you. He is with you always! He wants you to experience Him, definite and clear! You have fullness NOW. He is breathing fresh life into old dreams! It’s resurrection day!

“It is Finished! You stand in My victory! Love prevails! Nothing keeps you from My presence, says the Spirit of God. I am in you and you are in Me. Together, we can do great things. My love covers you and your times are in My hands. I have been doing a deep work in you, making you strong and resilient through the challenges you have faced. My love towers above and eclipses everything!  You wear my robe of righteousness.”


“No matter what obstacles you face. Nothing is too hard for Me! I’ve taught you how to hold the line! You’ve learnt how to lean on Me and rest in My love. You’re walking into destiny! Can you see the thousands upon thousands following in your footsteps? They hear the beat of Heavens drum! Awakening to destiny! ”

“You’re a forerunner! One whose carried the torch and not given in! My Grace keeps you running your race. You are marked by fire” “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit!” Zechariah 4:6

Some of you have stepped out in the past into destiny. You’ve been ambushed. You’ve experienced a surprise attack that’s tried to hold you back! There’s been intense warfare.Amid this warfare- God has been there. You’ve fallen to the ground and some of you have gone into a deep sleep. You’ve been hurt and in pain. You feel out of step, tripped up. You lost your confidence as the enemy has tried to put shame on top of your pain.

“Today is RESURRECTION DAY!  Enough is enough! Arise sons and daughters! Take up your sword and fight! Your Spirit is alive and I’ve set your heart on fire! “

I see spontaneity breaking out as the Bride steps out of comfort zones, shaking off the shackles of unbelief, discouragement and doubt. I see believers who BELIEVE! Many of you are going to encounter a fresh touch as Holy Spirit manifests His firey presence in and through you! The passion you have for Him is a consuming fire! You ARE a burning bush! One whose consumed by LOVE. Eyes flint with His imprint!

Angels have been assigned to you!

I saw in the Spirit a huge angel and he had the name JUSTICE on his sash. Justice is a military angel. Justice has been assigned to bring order and return to you what has been stolen. Just as it is!  He was singing the words, ‘No fear in love, No fear in love, No fear in love’. As he sang these words, I saw dead bones come to life and many wounded soldiers awakening to destiny! As they arose they were completely healed and restored to their first love. Ready to stand up again and fight the good fight! The enemy has been after your faith.

“Expect the unexpected! All of a sudden, you will see My miraculous power!”

There’s going to be suddenly’s! What you could have done in ten years, God will bring to you in a day! You have been a generous giver. Now you need to put your trust in Him and be a generous receiver! That’s what HE loves to do!

Abraham inherited the promise by faith! Walk by faith, not by sight. Put your trust in the Lord! Destiny is knocking on your door! Rise up warrior, it’s resurrection day!

Easter Sunday 2015, is your JUBILEE!

Veronica Kilrain

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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