Vessel of Love


You are a living, walking and powerful demonstration of the person called love! Jesus is Love! He has suffered long and He has been and continues to be kind!

He has poured everything out for you and for me! He’s held nothing back. No Good Thing.

You are empowered from on high- IN Christ a vessel of love. One who carries the supernatural, transforming power of love.

Love is demonstrated in its purest form when it loves the unlovely. IN Christ you ARE Love! A recipient of Heaven, the apple of the Father’s eye! Nothing can separate you- ever!

You’re one who’s in the Spirit -24/7. Now, walk in the Spirit! Yield, surrender and let the person called love (the Holy Spirit) lead you in the path everlasting. He’ll show you the way and He’ll make a way.

Walk in Love (remain rested) no matter what! He will never ever leave you, nor will He forsake you. He has cleansed you. You are a precious, pure vessel of love. There is no shame in His name! You may not feel like that. But your feelings don’t define you. TRUTH does. His name is JESUS.

Love is your identity and your mandate now, it’s all that matters. It’s not driven, but it propels you forward in this life. Love is powerful!

You are created to BE loved and to release love. As it is in Heaven, here on Earth!

You are a vessel of everlasting love.
Love that has the power to release healing.
Love that has the power to set people free!

You are free! Simply BE!

1st Corinthians 13 is demonstrated through your life as you Rest in Love and allow Holy Spirit activity to take place apposed to trying to conjure up self-effort and dead works. As you yield, your flesh goes down and Holy Spirit activity takes place, releasing the power of God as you partner with God. This is the real you! It’s no longer I that lives, but Christ the hope of Glory that lives in you!

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