You’re the Rose of His Heart~ Healing is Here!


I’ve felt some of you out there are feeling defeted in relationships that are dear to you. There’s been mis-understandings and a series of events that have taken place over many years. Relationship(s) seem to be going polar opposite to what God has promised you in His Word – Peace, unity and a quiet life. It’s been hard. You’ve been let down time and time again by certain people that are close to you. What you’ve been enduring has taken its toll and you’ve almost given up the ghost. Resigned to what you see before you in the natural. The word ‘possible’ seems impossible!

I’ve got good news for you today. Restoration is on its way! Starting today. It will get better and you will get your breakthrough! Holy Spirit is your comfort and your help. He wants to fill you up to overflowing. Revived you’ll birth revival! Refreshed you’ll bring refreshing. Healed you’ll release healing. You will get your breakthrough and God’s handiwork will be seen in your situation. Don’t give up or give in to negative thoughts. The past is gone, the future is bright!

Your ups and downs and bumps in the road will become a smooth road. The Father isn’t relating to you based upon the bumps in your road. He isn’t looking to your hand but to your heart! So, come as you are. No need to wear a mask or pretend to be anything less that who you already are. You’re perfect in His sight! Cleansed by His precious Son.

Nothing takes Him by surprise and he’s perfectly okay with process. All of life is process. Each day full of opportunity’s to draw from Him. This is how we grow and He gets to do what He does best. Bring life, healing and be our help. He’s not looking for perfection or your amazing abilities to cope though life. He really doesn’t need any of that. You’re surviving, but he wants you thriving!!

Stay the course. Tuck in close. Refuse to give in to defeat and bow to intimidation. Look up and let His glorious face shine on you. Let the truth of His word be your rudder and rejoice! Today the Father says to you, “Give me your pain. Let Me be your gain. I am more than able to make impossible possible and I specialize in restoring broken things”.

Song of Soloman 2:1 The Passion Translation

I truly am the rose of His heart,
The very theme of His song!
I’m His ever-fresh lily growing even in the valley!

Be encouraged. Help is Here. It’s a brand new day!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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