Light Carriers!


Australia and New Zealand- Light Carriers!

The past three months the Father has been speaking to me regarding mantles from 100 years ago and he has a very clear and intentional purpose for the nations of Australia and New Zealand to work as co-labors in the nations. These two nations are forerunners in this mighty move of the Spirit in the global village in this hour. Handpicked to do great exploits like Daniel did. Ones who know their God and will rise to the occassion with courage.

God is raising up Aussie and New Zealand voices in this time who will run with such fire that entire nations will be transformed in one day by the power coming out of these two country’s.

The ANZAC spirit is a spear of light into the nations in this hour. Specifically USA.

During Word War 1, 80,000 Australian and New Zealand service men lost their lives fighting for freedom for the commonwealth nations. The ANZAC spirit (Australia and New Zealand Army Corp) is alive and well in this time!

100 years on and there is a fresh impartation Holy Spirit is releasing in this hour.There are mantles from one hundred years ago to be picked up and accessed that the Spirit of God is releasing in this hour.

It’s courage. Fearless. Faith filled courage.

Aussies and Kiwi’s are forerunners in this hour!

Spiritual seeds that have been sown by the founding fathers’ descendants’ of our great nations are germinating! Seeds that have been faithfully watered by the faithful pioneers who have stood their ground through thick and thin. Exalting the name of Jesus and calling upon he and he alone! There is a whole new generation (5-45 year olds) that God is raising up to carry the fire in this hour. Across the globe, from Aussie and NZ- specifically for USA. This generation walking with the ones who are running at the front of the pack at this time.. it’s young and old together!

The Holy Spirit is no respector of persons. He is willing to work through yielded hearts, ones who are not holding on tight to their callings, jeering and josstling for positions of influence. Holy Spirit is releasing his anointing through the ones whose hearts are sold out on him. Looking to him as the source and giving him all the Glory! Fame and fortune are not important.

It is God who is raising up who he is choosing in this hour and there is a warning to not hold on too tight to your ministry or to rely on your experience or think that you have the reigns to this thing. You don’t. Holy Spirit will work through who and whom he chooses. He is looking for humility. Hearts that are set on him alone. These ones will be the forerunners in this hour and it will ruffle some feathers. Let him settle your heart and rest in his great love and don’t hold on tight. Keep your hands open and steward all you have been entrusted back to God, then God will pour so much more in and through you!

Many Aussie and Kiwi voices will be seen and heard across the globe on TV, Radio and the Internet. The voices coming out of these two nations carry such a weighty glory presence that entire regions will be transformed as the Word is released and I see power surges taking place wherever the Word is released.

Many will see afresh the goodness of God and will be awakened to destiny as the Word of Truth goes forth in power through these two nations’ prophetic voices.

This is a sobering time. A time to be fully engaged and to be aware of the purposes of God and what he is saying. The enemy is very cunning in the ways he tries to cut us down. Flick off the lies as you run with the fire. Don’t allow yourself to become entangled in his schemes. Turn away from wrath and contentions in the body and refuse to compromise the Truth. 1 Timothy 6:20-21 O Timothy! Guard what was committed to your trust, avoiding the profane and idle babblings and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge- by professing it some have strayed concerning the faith. Grace be with you. Amen

These are critical times.

I saw a picture of a hospital table and the patient was having heart surgery. The surgeon was very focused and precise and leaning into the patient with kind and tender hands. The theatre was full of assistants ready and waiting to assist the surgeon at his every command.

I believe the interpretation is that the Lord Himself is the surgeon. He is cutting to the heart of the matter and the assistants are the sons and daughters of God who are ready and waiting to work in unity with what the Spirit says.

Call upon His name and work together in unity, with those who carry the same heart.

The patient is the world and the surgeon Himself is reviving hearts through you and through me.

Be obedient to the thing that Holy Spirit is speaking to you about and follow His still small voice.

You will know it’s God as His peace will be your portion, His joy your strength and HIS righteousness the message!


Veronica Kilrain

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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