It’s a New Day!


I felt this word was for an individual as well as a general word of encouragement to share.

I heard the words ‘bank teller’ as I was praying today. I believe there is a single working Mom out there with three children asking “Where is God in my situation?” Maybe you work in a bank?

You’re a faithful woman, whose been through some really tough times but never let go of your faith. Lately, you’ve been hammered down by lies that have been said about you. Or lies that have come as thoughts from the enemy. You’ve ended up agreeing with some of those lies as your current circumstances seem to align with them. You’ve been especially tired and that has caused you to weaken in your faith life.

The Father wants to smash those lies off your mind today and He wants to lift you out of that despair. Giving you fresh vision, hope and strength and complete RESTORATION. Coupled with a fervent expectation of GOOD things to come!

You cannot help but come up trumps! God is on your side. Victory is inevitable!

The goodness and kindness you have demonstrated to other’s magnificently displays God’s Glory. Wow! So many powerful acts of service filled with humility and love.

You’ve faced some really intense opposition and you’ve felt oppressed (put down). In the past you’ve seen things from God’s perspective clearly. In recent times you’ve also trusted God, but other’s have apposed you and it’s been difficult. You’ve felt let down by your peers but you’ve chosen to keep quiet and not retaliate, expecting God to come through for you. That day is here!

Watch and see as He turns everything around for your good! Lift your eyes and receive His sunshine face that continuously radiates on You! The dark clouds are shifted. Can you see His shining face? It’s been glowing through you and upon you the whole time.

It’s a new day! No more grit your teeth and bare it! His strong arms have carried you through these hard times. It’s been a testing time, but it’s been a refining time. In fact, this was, the making of you time! You’ve come into a wide open space. A place of freshness in your spiritual walk with the Father! Time to experience life in all it’s fullness- no more drab, dull, mediocre or boring!

You will look back over these recent events and you will see the Fathers’ hand was always there, comforting, guiding and leading you. In those times of utter desperation -they were the times that He has truly carried you.

Shake off the lies that have become landing strips in your mind. They are no longer welcome! Disassociate yourself from them. You are free in Jesus name! Receive a fresh touch from God today.

It’s really only the beginning for you. There’s so much more! The rich deposit of mercy and grace that you carry- it’s life-changing and it’s very powerful! You are a testimony of God’s unconditional love. One who has a great capacity to love the unlovely, because you know how much you are loved. You are one who never gives up! One who endures, overcomes and will finish your race strong! All Glory to Jesus!!!

Now celebrate! Put on some crazy fun music that gets your feet dancing. Kick up your heels and let out a shout of Praise! Rejoice and Give thanks celebrating the freedom you have in Jesus! He is your fulfillment in every way! You are triumphant!

Psalm 112: 1-9

The Triumph of Faith

The Passion Translation

1.Shout in celebration of praise to the Lord!
Everyone who loves the Lord and delights in him
Will cherish His words and get blessed beyond expectations!
2.Their descendants will be prosperous and influential.
Every generation of His godly lovers will experience His favor!
3.Great blessing and wealth fills the house of the wise,
For they will walk in the way of the righteous.
4.Even if darkness overtakes them, sunrise-brilliance
Will come bursting through,
Because they are gracious to others, so tender and true.
5.Life is good for the one who is generous and charitable,
Conducting affairs with honesty and truth.
6.Their circumstances will never shake them
And others will never forget their example.
7.They will not live in fear or in dread of what may come,
For their hearts are firm, ever secure in their faith.
8.Steady and strong, they will not be afraid,
But will calmly face their every foe,
Until they all go down in defeat.
9.Never stingy and always generous to those in need,
Their lives of influence and honor will never be forgotten-
For they were full of good deeds!

Grace and Peace,

Veronica Kilrain

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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