God’s Perfect Love- The Great Awakening


In the early hours of 17th February 2014, I had this vision, more than a vision really. An encounter in the Heavenly realm as I lay on my bed. The Father’s message is,

 “The world is going to see the greatest outpouring of Love ever seen. I am Love and I am coming in a wave to the Bride and through the Bride. Multitudes of souls will be awakened to My love in this hour. I am breathing fresh wind into the hearts of my Sons and Daughters and a great awakening is taking place in the Church and through the Church. The wind of my Spirit is ushering in this harvest of souls. This great awakening will predominantly take place through a united Bride.”

This Wave of Salvation that’s coming is Extraordinary! It’s the greatest outpouring the Church has ever seen. (Ephesians 1:17). He loves you so much! I pray you experience God’s heart beat and His eternal purposes for your life as you read on.

In this vision, I was completely surrounded in the tangible presence of God. It was like being inside a bubble or a cocoon. Wrapped inside this protective clear covering that was not a thing, but rather the entire atmosphere of the place. The Peace and the purity was nothing I have ever tasted or seen before, besides what I have read in Scripture of heard second hand from others. God is more perfect than perfect. I’ve been calling on Him to come and expecting Him in such a way for sometime now.

It’s His Message and it’s all about Him! Surrender, yield and expect Him to come!!

~The Wave~

During this encounter I was aware of my natural surroundings but my spirit was taken into a place I can only describe as the Heavenly realm of God. This realm is all around us all the time, we access it through Jesus. (Ephesians 1). During this encounter I experienced perfect peace and pure love which washed over every fiber of my being.  The surroundings were not apparent nor were they the focus of my attention. It was as if God was revealing the essence of who He is and showing me His heart and He let me feel in my body some of His love for specific individuals.  The intensity of the love was overwhelming and so powerfully relentless. I was thankful He gave me only a tiny taste of just a few people, each one at a time. He was ever so gentle with me.

In this realm, there was nothing but pure light and love that made up the atmosphere. The eternal presence of God is so perfect and pure that the word ‘love’ as we know it in earthly terms is totally lame in comparison to what I saw.  I breathed in this atmosphere. In fact, my entire being, was suspended by it! Every single care I have in this life was like a piece of fluff compared to the great love of eternity that is one  breath away.  I felt light as a feather and every care and problem I am currently facing became diminished while in this place. 5c1b0d9662a35d98bc1f1348c88262a4Love consumed every problem, every struggle and every issue. A deep Peace and understanding settled my heart.

Heaven is coming to Earth! And, He is going to do this mighty outpouring in a wave, by the power of  the Spirit. I can’t explain the in’s and out’s of it. But it’s going to come in a surge, like a tsunami that is going to build up and up and get bigger and bigger (more and more souls will encounter Jesus as their Lord and Savior) and then a big almighty wave is going to crash the shores of earth and it will be accompanied by harps and singing angels and the cloud of witnesses cheering it on. (Hebrews 21:1). It’s going to be the biggest party this side of eternity!

The Spirit of God will do this in Wisdom and Revelation. We, the Bride are the vessel. (Romans 8:19). The Father is about to release untold outpourings of His Spirit in increased measure on the hearts of those who say, “Yes Lord, You are everything to me!” He is going to come to you in waves and reveal His great love to you and your life is never going to be the same again. You are going to have a personal encounter and see Jesus in His entirety. Vision by vision, encounter after another, His fire will ignite in you and millions of others!

All over the earth millions of people will have the same fire ignited in them. These lives will begin to burn so bright with the Glory of God that many will see God and turn to Him and they too will be baptized with Holy fire! (Matthew 3:11). There is coming a day, when the entire earth will meet the Creator face to face. God’s eyes are looking for those who will receive His love. (Psalm 33- entire Psalm).This great awakening will be ushered in by un-offended lovers. Individuals whose hearts are devoted first and foremost to Jesus. Ignited hearts that light flames of fire wherever they go. Fulled by the fire of God’s great love. Beyond the walls of the Church, ignited by love, spreading the Good News of Jesus’s finished work on the Cross, through a supernatural empowering of God’s Spirit in Word and Power.

~The Invitation~imagesEHG57IGX

There’s a great invitation by the spirit of God to be apart of this great harvest of souls. As carriers of His Glory, the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation will reveal Jesus to those around you. (Ephesians 1:17). There is no heavy burden in this. It will be effortless and birthed out of you through intimacy with Christ.  He is going to do all the work, what He requires is your surrendered heart. There’s a wooing of the Spirit to draw near, come close, tuck in, abide, focus, dedicate every part of your life to Christ. Align your focus and your life On Him. Ask Him, Seek after Him. Desire to know Him more.

Devoted, undivided hearts that earnestly seek God in all things. (Psalm 145:18). Out of this intimacy flows obedience and the willingness to participate and partner with God bringing Heaven to Earth through the supernatural empowering of God’s strength. He will give you strategy’s and His love will be revealed through your actions, words and deeds.

The actions are of many varieties. Some involve physical healing as you lay your hands on people who ask for healing prayers and as the Spirit will lead you. You will be His hands and His feet.  The power of God through you, will heal and set people free. Some of you will experience allot of healing’s, but do not think you are doing something better than others’ who may not get the same results as you. Holy Spirit will operate using different gifts of His Spirit in various people. Keep your eyes on Jesus and you will remain humble. I am Love.

Some actions will involve great acts of practical love. Simple stuff. Like making a meal for someone that God lays on your heart and they have really ticked you off in the past. Random acts of kindness that have the supernatural presence of Jesus on them from obedient lovers. The recipients will not be able to re-pay you. God’s love will be your reward and you will be complete in this. There will be a supernatural empowering and love that will come with these promptings. This love will set captives (prisoners of fear, failure, doubt and worry) free!

The greatest demonstration of God’s love will be seen among the Bride. As she loves one another as Christ loves her. This unity will birth many miracles of Salvation. Mental, Emotional and Physical Healing will happen as the Bride stands in unity and love. The unloved of the world will see God through faithful saints who love one another with the Father’s love. Saints who by the power of the Spirit turn the other cheek and love those who have spitefully used and abused them. (Luke 6:28).

This love will extend to marriages. Especially marriages in ministry. “Those of you who live with loved ones who have blockages in their thinking and who have mistreated family members because of a limited understanding of My love, will taste and experience My love. Great restoration is coming to marriages. You will be greatly rewarded for your faithfulness and selfless love in your marriages” says the spirit of God.  Your faithfulness to Me and My Word will be a sign and a wonder demonstrating My goodness in your marriages, releasing the Kingdom here on earth. Through Faith and Patience (endurance) you will inherit the promises. (Hebrews 6:12). The promises are- 1.Eternal life. (Titus 1:2). 2.Forgiveness of sins (Acts 5:31).3. Safety from the storms of life. (Hebrews 13:15. 1 Samuel 2:9). My love is a banner over you and as you snug in close under the shadow of the Almighty, you will find supernatural empowerment as you live through difficulties in your marriages, holding onto the promises! God is faithful and He will deliver you and your entire household. (Hebrews 10:19-24).


The question to the Bride is. Are you Willing to Participate?

~The Church~ Christ’s Brideea7c8004fc28fef07ef6331b7cbad138

I saw crippled feet being healed and restored. Feet that once represented the Gospel of Peace that have been bruised and hurt will be restored and in this healing, their first love will be restored. Many will run their race again and run it well! Hurt, offended and disillusioned believers that have been lead astray are coming back in droves! They are going to drop offences, differences, issues, etc; and come together in a Spirit of Unity for one cause, to worship Jesus and many outpourings of love will flow through them. During these time of Worship and Prayer, hearts will be healed and the words of accusation and lies that have tripped up and  wounded many of God’s lovers will be healed.  Waves of healing will come during these corporate and individual times of adoration before God. These healing’s will not be a drawn out process. Sons and Daughters will literally stand up, get up off their beds and shake their feet, washed of the past. Fresh with fire re-ignited. Many people will re-visit past choices they have made in their professional lives and will choose the narrow path that does not appear so lucrative, but God will lead and guide them and He will reward these individuals and families with a great measure of His presence. You will not go hungry.

I saw many faces shining so bright with the Glory of the Lord and it was a supernatural sign of His presence revealed to the world through His Bride. The glowing Bride was so beautiful that it attracted many to come and see the source of this beauty and Jesus was seen on the faces of these precious Sons and Daughters worshiping together as One.

The world is going to see the greatest harvest of souls you and I could ever have imagined. The flood gates of Heaven are wide open! There is an acceleration in the spirit. Things are picking up pace and fast! Back yard pools are going to be used for Baptisms- by the dozen! ( mine included). Bath tubs, laundry tubs, creeks, rivers, you name it! Many people are going to public statement of their faith and acknowledge Jesus Christ as the way, truth and life.

This is not the time to draw back. This is not the time to keep quiet. This is not the time to bite your tongue for fear of retribution. God has your back covered. Open your mouth and share your story! Take charge by the power of the Holy Spirit and don’t let fear hold you back. Tell others what has taken place in your own life by the Spirit of God and share what you have encountered. Speak the Word to those you meet as the Holy Spirit leads. If you can’t remember the exact Scripture, use Google to find it!

This is just the very tip, there are many more encounters to come, for you and I. Surrender your heart afresh today and expect Him to speak to you and reveal Himself to you in new ways. It’s your time to shine with the Hope of Glory that lives inside of you! While in this vision, I experienced perfect love in the eternal realm. It is a realm of total peace and fulfillment. There is no agitation, its surreal, aesthetic, perfection. My entire body and mind were absorbed in this perfect love. We have full access to the throne room of God in our every day lives and God wants us to experience and encounter Him. God who is love is more real than real. And when the full measure of His Kingdom is released here on earth, there will be complete fullness of every good thing. It’s a trick to think God is not goodness and kindness and every other beautiful thing. This realm of  His presence enveloped every part of me.

~The Lost~

This part of the vision was interesting as many of these souls, had supernatural encounters with angels and also the Spirit came direct to people in the streets. This is in addition to the work the Bride is partaking in as harvesters who carry the Glory of God.Victims of crime were set free from fear as God’s Grace was extended to these people committing crimes.  Gang members in droves, dropped knives to their feet and fell to their knees. Repenting and received Salvation. Set free from spirits that oppressed them on the spot! Running home to their mothers, walking in the front door, dropping to their knees, tears of sorrow streaming down their faces begging for forgiveness and with innocence on their faces restored.

6dadae6aa52c8298dec41368a6d340ebI saw people of many tribes and cultures burning bright in His eyes. He doesn’t see the outside stuff. The style of your hair, your dress standard, your tattoo! None of that is important in His pursuit of you. He sees right into your heart, the core of who you and says, “I died for you. The wicked sins of your past are no match for Me. I see them no more. My blood has paid for each and every sin you ever committed. Every lie, every sick thought, every single deed you have ever done and tried to hide. I’ve seen it and it’s been dealt with. Come to Me and I will set you free”. I saw eyes being opened, Salvation taking place and the hope of glory being revealed. (Ephesians 1:18).

I saw depression and suicide that has plagued millions being lifted like a veil and anti-depressant drugs being thrown away. I see people running out of pubs putting down the bottle no longer satisfied! I saw God in many hotel rooms where suicidal people have been and families have questioned what happened in those dying moments. There has been family who have prayed for loved ones and  angels have been watching over these particular individuals. Even though they were suffering suicidal thoughts and many have died in these situations, there has been many divine interventions in these cases. God has intervened, cut through the darkness with His Spirit and ministering angels have ushered in His presence into these rooms and eyes have been opened as individuals have taken their lives. In the time between death and life, God has had the last say. Jesus has been unveiled to these hearts and they have received Him and are now in Glory.

Heaven is full of people you are not going to imagine! God doesn’t accept us based upon our efforts. It’s a done deal as He has paid for each and every sin we have committed. How the veil of understanding is lifted is a mystery, but the Holy Spirit is relentless in His pursuit of you and I. He does not rest, He longs to be One with us.

Isaiah 60:1-22. The Message Bible.

People Returning for the Reunion

60 1-7 “Get out of bed, Jerusalem!
Wake up. Put your face in the sunlight.
God’s bright glory has risen for you.
The whole earth is wrapped in darkness,
all people sunk in deep darkness,
But God rises on you,
his sunrise glory breaks over you.
Nations will come to your light,
kings to your sunburst brightness.
Look up! Look around!
Watch as they gather, watch as they approach you:
Your sons coming from great distances,
your daughters carried by their nannies.
When you see them coming you’ll smile—big smiles!
Your heart will swell and, yes, burst!
All those people returning by sea for the reunion,
a rich harvest of exiles gathered in from the nations!
And then streams of camel caravans as far as the eye can see,
young camels of nomads in Midian and Ephah,
Pouring in from the south from Sheba,
loaded with gold and frankincense,
preaching the praises of God.
And yes, a great roundup
of flocks from the nomads in Kedar and Nebaioth,
Welcome gifts for worship at my altar
as I bathe my glorious Temple in splendor.

What’s That We See in the Distance?

8-22 “What’s that we see in the distance,
a cloud on the horizon, like doves darkening the sky?
It’s ships from the distant islands,
the famous Tarshish ships
Returning your children from faraway places,
loaded with riches, with silver and gold,
And backed by the name of your God, The Holy of Israel,
showering you with splendor.
Foreigners will rebuild your walls,
and their kings assist you in the conduct of worship.
When I was angry I hit you hard.
It’s my desire now to be tender.
Your Jerusalem gates will always be open
—open house day and night!—
Receiving deliveries of wealth from all nations,
and their kings, the delivery boys!
Any nation or kingdom that doesn’t deliver will perish;
those nations will be totally wasted.
The rich woods of Lebanon will be delivered
—all that cypress and oak and pine—
To give a splendid elegance to my Sanctuary,
as I make my footstool glorious.
The descendants of your oppressor
will come bowing and scraping to you.
All who looked down at you in contempt
will lick your boots.
They’ll confer a title on you: City of God,
Zion of The Holy of Israel.
Not long ago you were despised refuse—
out-of-the-way, unvisited, ignored.
But now I’ve put you on your feet,
towering and grand forever, a joy to look at!
When you suck the milk of nations
and the breasts of royalty,
You’ll know that I, God, am your Savior,
your Redeemer, Champion of Jacob.
I’ll give you only the best—no more hand-me-downs!
Gold instead of bronze, silver instead of iron,
bronze instead of wood, iron instead of stones.
I’ll install Peace to run your country,
make Righteousness your boss.
There’ll be no more stories of crime in your land,
no more robberies, no more vandalism.
You’ll name your main street Salvation Way,
and install Praise Park at the center of town.
You’ll have no more need of the sun by day
nor the brightness of the moon at night.
God will be your eternal light,
your God will bathe you in splendor.
Your sun will never go down,
your moon will never fade.
I will be your eternal light.
Your days of grieving are over.
All your people will live right and well,
in permanent possession of the land.
They’re the green shoot that I planted,
planted with my own hands to display my glory.
The runt will become a great tribe,
the weakling become a strong nation.
I am God.
At the right time I’ll make it happen.”



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