The nard on your life is extravagant love! Giving you the capacity in God amid tough! Spikinard, honeysuckle, fragrance divine! Oiled, perfume on you enough!

Nard is your supernatural exchange for pain! Pure worship full of power, presence, provision! The exchange for your life enough! Captivated by Mercy, love! Nard, sweet balm, you’re covered by suffering love!

Those of you who’ve had the stuffing kicked out of you by Pharisees, Sadducees, wouldn’t see, couldn’t see and demonic entities’ shall see the nard on your life, enough!, Through it all.. battered and bruised, feeling abused, confined and restricted you’re going to see LOOSE!!

Where control has caused stall, the nard on your life ENOUGH! Capacity you see! Forgiveness! Release amid tough! Peace is your rudder where you feel covered in mud!

Where you’ve faced hardship financially, persecution, falsely accused- you’re going to see the nard on your life enough! Where you’ve been on house arrest amid incredible pressure, the nard of heaven’s presence breaking through!

Those of you in situations and circumstances which have been incredibly difficult, incredibly challenging, you’re going to encounter FRESH WIND and SHIFT that is SWIFT!

Fresh grace, fresh power amid tough! The capacity in God to walk in Mercy’s love! Not infected, nard of love washing away thorns! The wounds from enemy arrows, tough. What’s been sent to distress, irritate, disrupt- with nard you’re going to see healing balm, mercy’s love!

You have the capacity in God to sow pain, sow into other’s, sow extravagantly in a lifestyle of worship- which releases supernatural PEACE amid pain!


You’re going to have a long and fruitful life!!!! This is NOT going to take you out! Continue to sow! Honeysuckle nard speaks of the perfume of God on your life from the start!

Darling heart, through perfect love you’ve relinquished control. Your postured heart invites all of heaven to flow! Miracles of love, you’re a TRUE LOVER OF GOD, KNOWN!

Where there’s been thorns in your side, thorns in your body, poison is being removed! The nard on you is preservation of life! You shall not prematurely die!!

Keep laying it all at the foot of the Cross! Mercy’s been there and is with you known!

DO NOT GET INTO LASH BACK, that death decree shall roll!

You’re going to see POSTERITY and PROSPERITY as the FAVOUR of God is on your life!

You carry favour, fervour and flavour!

Just as God offered Abraham a posterity like the stars of heaven- future generations are yours too!! You’re going to see posterity AND prosperity where you’ve been hounded, heckled and on house arrest too! You shall LIVE in LONGEVITY!

Praying for you! With you in my heart! XXX

Side note-

Holy Spirit revealed 2024 was going to be like Acts 23 for many.. Heaven had a PLAN IN ADVANCE TO CARE FOR YOU! You’re going to see miracles unfold in the 2ND half of 2024 for you too!

Nard is worship, nard is presence and the power to overcome in this hour!

The disposition of your heart a fine filter! You live in daily surrender, one who experiences supernatural encounter!

You’re incredibly close to Daddy’s heart! One who feels deeply, sees clearly and is on track, YOU ARE FREE although your circumstances look differently!

On house arrest, under financial duress? The nard on your worshipping heart is enough! Heaven’s given you longevity, prosperity AND posterity!

Song of Songs 1:12-14 TPT

The Shulamite

“12 As the king surrounded me at his table, the sweet fragrance of spikenard awakened the night.

13 A sachet of myrrh is my lover, like a tied-up bundle of myrrh resting over my heart.

14 He is like a bouquet of henna blossoms- henna plucked near the vines at the foundation of the Lamb.”

Translator’s Footnotes-

V 12 This points to our enjoyment of the Lord as we have communion at the Lord’s Table.

V13 This tied-up bundle of myrrh is an incredible picture of the Cross. Myrrh, known as an embalming spice, was always associated with suffering. The suffering love of Jesus would be over the Shulamite’s heart for the rest of her days. We have the revelation of our Beloved tied onto the cross like a bundle of myrrh.

V 14 Or “En-gedi.” En-gedi means “fountain of the Lamb.” The Hebrew word for “henna’ has a homonym that can mean “atonement” or “redeeming grace.”

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