Heaven’s heart is beating breakthrough for you dear! Where you’ve suffered long behind closed doors, where there’s been a tearing apart and a deep longing in your heart! You’re going to see reprieve and retrieve. Wisdom has led you here! You’re at the summit, where promises are kept and realised! The place of settled security. You’ve won over Daddy’s heart! Seen where you’ve suffered for years and years at the hands of coercion and control! Finances used as a tool to leverage your children too! It’s been a wicked game to keep you powerless and lame. Torn between safety and freedom in a democratic society where individual and family autonomy reign!

Many of you have faced hardship on your bodies, worn out with exhaustion, prayer line after prayer line to return to a cycles of abuse once again. The Good Shepherd sees! The Pharisees with their high hats do nothing to ease! Stones thrown leaving you cold and alone. Professing Spiritual truths, yet it’s pride, ego and punishment at play! It’s rotten fruit, the stench of death and decay!

Many of you have come out from being under the pelt of stones! Buried alive, left for dead, heckled with threats! The tactic of the enemy is confusion, distraction, exhausted and alone! Weighed down, just above the water line in your town. You darling are SEEN! You are NOT alone as you fight for your families and dream! You ARE going to come out from under that heavy load! Stone upon stone is being removed! Healing honey flow! Many of the stones have already been removed by advocates; lawyers, social workers, occupational therapists, professionally trained helpers too! Where you’ve endured decades of hardship due to behaviour that’s the result of psychological wounds!


No longer tied to those with unfinished development tasks! You’re going to see freedom at last!

You’ve provided safety and stability for your children and for many of you, your grandchildren coming through! Other’s of you, it’s been foster kids, adopted kids, the orphanage too!


Strong, stable, not swayed by manipulation! Not tasked with the previous generations hard.. these young ones are flying free!! You darling, are going to see! Breakthrough! Longevity of LIFE! Preservation of YOUR LIFE! The heart to go on! The confidence to stand strong! The finances to get moving along! True mothers and fathers are rising up to the plate! NOT late!! Ones and two’s prepared to un-embed the past and move forward in stability too!

You are the real deal! Not a dead mans tomb!! Plugging in, stepped up! Having encountered truth! Born of the Spirit, demonstrating Kingdom fruit! When many times things have not gone your way, you’ve sown it all and seen MIRACLES break you through! You’re going to see MANY MORE MIRACLES breakthrough!

The generation coming though stands on your shoulders of stability, sacrificial commitment, loyal love through and through! They see, they hear and they shall encounter the GOOD SHEPHERD too!

Heaven’s honey, you’re going to see honey! You’re going to eat time and time again something sweet from the carcass of your past!

The nature of God is FAITHFUL AND TRUE! Legacy is upon you, coming through!! The Good Shepherd with you! The Shepherd knows whose hearts are his, for they recognise and know the Father, just as the Father knows your heart and you know the Father’s heart! The Good Shepherd readily gave his life for his sheep! John 10:10

Love is a person, not a currency! He doesn’t give and take away! His TRUE NATURE remains!! FAITHFUL AND TRUE WITH YOU! You’re going to see miracles breakthrough amid your need! The atmosphere of heaven is clean!

You, your family, your heart is covered queen! Heaven’s honey shall be seen! You’re not a hired hand, you’re in Daddy’s Hands!

Song of Songs 4:7-9a TPT

“Every part of you is so beautiful, my darling. Perfect is your beauty, without flaw within. Now you are ready my bride, to come with me as we climb the highest peaks together. Come with me through the archway of trust. We will look down from the crest of glistening mounts and from the summit of our sublime sanctuary, from the lions den and the leopards lair. For you reach into my heart, with one flash of your eyes I am undone with your love, my beloved, my equal, my bride.”


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