You’re going to see breakthrough and the answers you’re seeking God for in this season and time! Where you’ve had doors open for finance, for housing, for breakthrough! In this new season, you’re going to see the provision and the help that you need! Where you’ve had partners walk out on you. Other’s of you have been left with debt! You’re going to see the compassionate heart of God leading you! Wisdom with you!

The right partnerships are coming and you’re going to see the team work that you need, fully plugged in, invested, one! You’re a high value man, a high value woman!

One whose attitude is contrite! Shoulder to the wheel, one who desires to live a quiet and peaceful life. Dealt with the past, invested in yourself! Dug deep letting Peace lead! Like Noah, God’s heart is moved with compassion for you! While everything seems wiped out. Dreams are bursting to LIFE, you’re going to see a new day, a brand new way!

Movement, shift, no longer drift! *The ark of the covenant rests on land called, “the curse is reversed” “high and holy land” has found you! The resting place of God’s sons and daughters is where the curse is reversed (the cross the empty tomb) in the high and holy land of being seated with Christ in the heavenly realm. (Eph 2:6)*Footnote Gen 8:4 TPT

You’re going to see miraculous BREAKTHROUGH as you hold the line! Healing honey with you! Your life has meaning, there’s purpose in this process! You’re going to see land and assets that appreciate! Debt wiped out! Divine alignment in relationship, connection that’s tried, tested, true!

Keep looking up! Heaven has lined GOOD things up for you!

Genesis 8:4 TPT

“And on the 17th day of the 7th month, the ark came to rest on the highest peak in Ararat.”

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