Darling, you’re on time! You are heaven’s dime! A great dispenser of light in the night! You’ve come time and time again laying your burdens at his feet! Your cares, the affairs, it all. Daddy’s rose, darling heart! He’s got this and he’s got you, from the start! One kiss changes everything!

Suffering love has played his part, you darling are one heart! You’re going to see provision and what you need. Feed. Eat. Continue to nestle amid this wrestle! Many are the afflictions we face, we walk through yet the promises of suffering love our Beloved is protection and provision through every one! Every foe, every evil attack sent to take us out! Every thought that comes to undermine God’s perfect time. Every arrow sent to cloud your judgement on his part, shall part.

Darling, Daddy has won! Over your heart, from the start!

You’re going to see the handiwork of God from the start. The cows are coming, he owns them all. On every hill! Cows are metaphors of provision, through connection, through relationships, through start ups, through inheritance, bequeathed and passed down!

Legacy in your line favoured one, steward, you’re the head not the tail!

Continue to give thanks, laying aside every dart, doubt. Frustration and what seems like a seeming endless hold position, you’re in FAITHFUL HANDS.. It’s pending, coming through! What you need! You’ve given it all, your life no longer your own.

Darling, you’re going to be blown away at the hearts changed, hearts on fire, come through! The oil on your life, anointed not appointed, you’re safe, and all shall be well!

Rose of his heart he sings over your heart. Over every part. Over every un-known. You’ve learned to lean upon your beloved, giving up the right to have all the answers, resting on the one who knows. Time and time again you’ve come back to the cross! Never failing love! The place of power that’s overcome! Mercy’s kiss is leading you amid dis! Wrap around presence comforts and leads you on in heaven’s song.

Favoured, protected one, you’re set up for victory through every battle! It’s this posture of ‘positioned’, ‘laser focused’, ‘not cashed’ in that keeps you centred, along the way. What you carry is more precious than gold!- *’The Cross, the stud of silver planted into Calvary’s hill that opened the grace fountain for all the world to drink from’ (footnote v 11) suffering love who paid for the fall!

You’ve been blood washed! Your suffering, your pain, the injustice, the lack, it’s all behind your back! You’re the rose of Daddy’s heart!

You have time and the cows ARE coming! You’re a treasure trove of trust whose walked on the water amid the dust! Widow with the mite- your legacy is written through the night! Shine bright darling, you’re going to be alright!

Song of Songs 1:8-12 TPT

The Shepherd King

“Listen, my radiant one- if you ever lose sight of me, just follow in my footsteps where I lead my lovers. Come with your burdens and cares.. Come to the place near the sanctuary of my shepherds. My dearest one, let me tell you how I see you- you are so thrilling to me. To gaze upon you is like looking at one of Pharoh’s finest horses- a strong, regal steed pulling his royal chariot. Your tender cheeks are beautiful- your earrings and gem-laden necklaces set them ablaze. We will enhance your beauty with golden ornaments studded with silver.

May be an image of white lily and text that says 'have also spoken by the prophets, and have multiplied visions; have given symbols through the witness of the prophets. Hosea 12:10'

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