God has heard your cry! Through the wilderness you’ve walked, kept alive! Heaven by your side all the way! You’re going to see ‘break forth’, new ground, divine partnerships and long life! The heart to go on! You’ve come through on the tip of the arrow for other’s to live fulfilled, it’s NOW time for re-bound! Out of the struggle of challenge, into re-bound!

Steward, you’re going to see fulfilment! Your own hearts desires to be fulfilled too, legacy leading out for tomorrow! You are a Ruth, an Esther. A beautiful flower who’s fragrance has led other’s to the KING OF GLORY, whose faced every tomorrow!

Faith has positioned you, you’re postured in perfect love, ready to receive your miracle moving forward into your ‘tomorrow’. It’s time to see re-bound! Faithful with little, faithful with much. Clean heads, pure heart, you’ve come! Into the throne room where miracles come! Where presence, purity, power sustain! Holy whispers leading you on in heaven’s name!

In this NEW season you’re going to see you’re the head, not the tail. No fail! The purpose and plan of God for your life shall prevail. Stability. Rest. Kind. Warm. You’re going to meet your beloved and laugh!

Many are the afflictions we go through on earth, the presence and power of God the solution as we see our worth!

You’re going to live a long, fruitful life! Grow crops! Plant vines! Legacy you shall see in the generation to come, favoured one!

It’s time to expect divine alignment and romantic love! Your Boas has come!


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