Word on soul ties, romantic relationships, unrequited love, Gods best for you..

Many of the souls we connect with in life through compassion and loyal love are not ours to rescue, fix or be meshed with.. God is a God of order, deeply involved in our pain and process. Our part is to partner with his presence as sign posts who point to HIM. Our backstory, culture, our up bringing influence how we participate and partner with those we see. You may have previously taken on an older brother role and formed your identity around this role, attracting needy ones (co-dependent), as rescue has been a pattern for you..

We live in a fallen and broken world, our lives are a journey of receiving healing, wholeness, acceptance, peace! God wants to partner you with the right fit for you! The person who’s going to be a blessing, an asset, assistance, step up for you! Out of chaos, dysfunction, hope deferred, stepped up, stability together for both of you! Both growing!

Hosea’s life is a prophetic picture of Christ, the hope of Glory who has the best in store for you! Hosea was a man of deep compassion, strong loyalty and keen awareness of the political events taking place in the world. He was deeply committed to God. He reflected the timeless message that GOD IS LOVE! He married a prostitute who went back to her former life and yet loved her the same! Hosea was a member of the upper class, he had wealth, he was set up!

There’s an invitation at this time for some of you to step out of the cinders of your past, and step into the glass slipper prepared for you! You are royalty, of royal lineage, your heart and life has been pursued from above! God is love! The God of second and third chance! Your identity is formed on the One you’ve captivated with one glance!! Your role is to step forward at this time in your new nature and expect stable, faithful, devoted relationships come to you!

Your ‘Hosea’ has been sent and is on the way!

Your part is to stay tender and true, renounce, repent of soul ties attached to you! A soul tie is a recurring thought over a person or a situation. Pray, release! Trust God for peace! False responsibility and an identity that’s flawed no more! There is NOTHING wrong with you! It’s a perspective shift. Understanding is with you. Wisdom sees, wisdom knows. Many of you are going to see mutual love, not unrequited love! The RIGHT partner raised up for you!

FAVOUR rests upon you, glory and beauty too, because you’re worthy and worth it all, your time is due!

May be an image of text that says 'God has so made OH heart that nothing can eler fill it but God himself. CHARLES SPURGEON TiME- =WARP WiTEY'

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