Some of you are contemplating your next move. You’re at a crossroad in your life and you sense the draw.. the pull, the call.. some of you it’s a mid-life stage of life, you’re no longer tied to family duties, you feel led further in the call.. a word of caution, a word of wisdom.. for SOME of you, YES, you’re called to prophetic teaching, apostolic travelling ministry.

You’re oiled for this, have the GIFT OF FAITH for this. You’ll be a voice that’s received and heard, fulfilling a specific call. You’re willing to pay the price, make sacrifices and keep moving forward no matter who’s on board or not.

For some of you recently, there’s been a natural unfolding of your call. Partners that have been living double lives, unfaithful, treating you terrible, have up and left, you are free now to move forward and fulfil the call.. These ones you invested your life into up til now, won’t go into this next chapter with you. They are not apart of this call.. you are free to live your life fulfilling the call…

There are ministers out there in the field who were married many years, families were raised and their partners have left them because it’s not what they signed up for- they started with their spouse in business, their spouse later in life responded to the prophets call. They didn’t have bad marriages, they parted ways simply because they WANTED different things. Your marital status doesn’t qualify you in the call. HE qualifies you.

Consider it all.. no matter what, there’s a cost. For those of you in very trying relationships, there may be a work around to find your fit that’s not going to cause a fit of jealous rage from your partner as you rise. Look at your situation through the lens of your gifts, where you can make it work and what’s not killing you? There may be options. You may be able to work prophetically in business in this role? You may be able to function in your prophetic call in a way that the other person you’re married to will mesh and merge and work with you in the call if they struggle with being the ‘supporter’ in the call? Many men won’t carry a women’s bags..many women won’t travel and give up the comforts of a family home.

For other’s of you, there is a parting of ways. Not because of the call. Because there’s been years and years of abuse and you’ve put up with it with hope change would happen and it’s kept you in a noose! Wisdom is with you. Wisdom will guide you. No matter if you choose to stay or to go, either choices are not easy to make..the journey to FREEDOM takes time, especially if you have a young family to raise. Your financial position needs consideration. It can take a decade plus to get on your feet. Your physical and mental health needs on-going attention too. Those of us who left destructive marriages have no regrets! Although, it’s been painful, intense hardship, God has kept us in good stead!

The big SEA PARTING impossible things, faith makes way for those who believe! Be willing to WAIT for GOD’S BEST MATE! BE WILLING TO WAIT UNTIL GOD RAISES HIM/HER UP. Be willing to go it alone, keep sowing, plowing and stay hidden until your next season opens up!

MANY of us are pioneers. We know we’re called to the nations and we’re not prepared to partner again with settlers who won’t go, won’t release, won’t travel, won’t move with the call! There will be suitors that want the benefits of you, have a romantic attraction to you. Some have plenty of money! But they are settlers. They are NOT called to be with you! Be willing to forget about the sex. Forget about having someone to rub your back. Stewarding the call is a CONSECRATED call.

HOLY SPIRIT WILL HELP YOU WITH IT ALL. You cannot do this in the flesh, by good intent, good effort. You need SUPERNATURAL strength!

Be encouraged merging prophets as you get clear about what it is you’re called for, what you want!

God speed as you PRAY, FAST, SEEK and WEIGH what’s ahead for you in the NEXT.

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