Many of you are dealing with deeply wounded individuals in your family and friends circle. The confusion and chaos that surrounds these ones has caused much heartache and pain. You want nothing but the best for them. Unable to self reflect and mesh, feeding off crazy making, holding up the Bible as a defence, when in fact it’s abuse of the Author at its best! The reality is until the heart of the matter is addressed, oppression in thinking remains!

Many of these loved ones have made a confession of faith, and therein lies the confusion as lives don’t demonstrate a heart that’s contrite. Accepted in the Beloved through Grace by faith, yet- not yet ESTABLISHED in TRUTH! (right thinking)

Where there’s a hot pot of soul wounds, (unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds and unfinished development tasks), coupled with spiritual ideas and practices used to side-step or avoid facing soul issues, chaos remains! Trust is connected to our emotions. When a loved one can’t TRUST the default setting is CONTROL. The Bible is weaponised and used as a tool to get what’s wanted and the behaviour repels! Control has a stench! When it’s entrenched, it binds the mind of the believer in a stronghold!

The heart of the matter is hard to unfold as the core of the individual is locked up. The cycle of chaos and pain remains until the heart of the matter is addressed through the willingness of the individual to do the deep dive of unpacking soul wounds, learning and developing healthy patterns of behaviour through therapy, allowing the love of the Father to re-parent the wounds of the inner child.


Many of you have been branded outcasts and trouble makers for being the CHAIN BREAKERS in your line! You’ve gone against the grain! Up stream, you’ve begun to fly! The mess you’re wading through makes it look like you’re not experiencing God’s best! But it’s in the willingness to yield to the process chains break! You are the apple of Daddy’s eye! Chains of conformity, status quo and pseudo go! You are a DELIVERER for your household and generational line! Comfort and conformity, dysfunction GO!

You’re one whose been prepared to cop it on the chin, face uncomfortable, unpopular, unconventional in your line! A team player in every sense of the Word, one whose heart is not absurd!

What you’re dealing with is the enemy’s final scream! The Devil wants you worn out, shut down, in a hole, over and out! He is a clown! It’s a circus when he’s in town! You’re not a trained monkey, your boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places!


Be encouraged! God is working on your behalf, you’re a great dispenser of LIGHT! A sign post for others in the middle of their freedom fight! Hand picked, chosen to fulfil a specific purpose! The wounded loved ones you’ve loved and served who’ve been like a boa constrictor trying to choke you out shall NO longer have ANY stranglehold on you through their inner fight! -Through your children, through family line, through church and work!

Our wounds, the families we’re raised in, the culture that’s not Kingdom- everything that’s tried to hijack your life from pursuing his PRESENCE shall not have the best of you! PEACE queen! Healing waters flow! You’ve given your heart fully to the Author and Finisher, Daddy! You’re like the pack-man video game. You eat up all the GOODNESS avoiding evil ghosts! TRUE IMAGE you reflect the TRUTH!

HEAVEN is leading you! Heaven’s making WAY for your family, you’re going to see your WILDEST DREAMS COME TRUE!


You’ve unpacked the NEW in you! Done tonnes of soul healing! HANDED over false responsibility of others and kept on amid insurmountable odds thrown at you!

Your soul (mind, emotions and will) reflect behaviour that’s a POET OF PEACE AND FRUITFULNESS FLOWS in and through you!

You’ve continued to be open to receive, remained stable and true through unparalleled odds against you! The power of love has KEPT you!

You’re going to see TREMENDOUS MOMENTUM IN THE DAYS TO COME! Decree it, expect it, miracles of love come!!


May be an image of waterfall and nature

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