Where you’ve been pelted with stones from hecklers on the sidelines, you’re going to experience healing touch! You’re going to see emotional strength once again. Songs of joy shall arise and you’re going to be surprised!

Strength shall fill you up where you’ve been battered and bruised. Satisfied in his sweetness, you’re going to see the stone throwers removed! Many of you have experienced stoning from family/friends. Held hostage in your household, you’ve nearly died! The Lord has seen it all and it’s going to end!

Songs of joy shall arise! You’re going to be surprised!

God is ever patient, ever calling us to confidence to run! Prolonged situations and process to freedom often takes significant time. Untangled, untied. Be encouraged friend, these dark days shall end! You’ll carry WATER TO MANY WHO THIRST in the days to come! Your preparation has been an intense grilling, but it’s all going to be worth it! Everything you’ve endured has seen you FORGED IN THE FIRE.

You’re one who’s able to steward the glory, seeing Holy Spirit pour! Many sleepers shall arise in the days ahead! Awakening to destiny! Coming into the light! All you’ve endured, all you’ve been through will be worth it! You’re not defined by your past, by the stone throwers, the heckler orphans, the controlling spirits that want you in a box!

Songs of joy shall arise and you darling, shall be surprised! Like a sunrise, you’re going to get a fresh start!

Come now, run into the sacred safe place of his heart! You’re safe under the shadow of his feathers; the hecklers, the stone throwers, the enemies of his heart shall have no part!

Psalm 51:8 TPT

“Satisfy me in your sweetness, and my song of joy will return. The place you have crushed within me will rejoice in your healing touch.”

May be an image of fire, knife and foundry

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