ATTITUDE- a settled way of thinking or feeling about something

God’s mind is made up about you! You’re His beloved queen!! Sonship has led you here, the Son alive in you heir! Your attitude reflects the glory of God! A settled security, knowing you’re loved, no matter what! Knowing Daddy has your best interests at heart! Daddy’s there when man leaves town! Wrap around presence protecting you queen. Love that loves large! Demonstrations of power! Breaking through to protect, make way and keep you from enemy prowl!

Where the wolves prowl, the Lion roars over your life leading you forward in this hour! Your attitude of trust through it all, your attitude to wait amid small. Your attitude to allow the presence of God to pour.. you’re going to see triple 4!

Doors opening in 2024!

Doors of hearts!

Doors of rest!

Doors or restore!

Doors of retrieve!

Many don’t understand the process, the prolonged difficulty, but the voice of the prophet comes out of the wilderness crying FEEDOM! The life of a prophet is not an easy one. It’s not a walk in the park. Although it’s the tendering to the garden of your heart the Spirit of God is able to release hearts from shark!- religious spirits.

It’s a life of devotion, surrender, follow and obey in the Way. It’s a connected life that’s consecrated, thrives on intimacy, oneness, quiet, and many hours waiting prostate on your face, listening, pondering, meditating, leaning.. an attitude of sold out lover, not bent out of shape by man, the world, the difficulty. A laid down lover at Daddy’s feet! Willing to go, willing to sow it all as the power of God flows!

The voice that cry’s out in the wildness in you shall SET CAPTIVES FREE! Don’t despise the journey friend. It may look bloody, bent out of shape, not a Disney movie, that’s the beauty of it all. Your life is a ‘mosaic of messy,’ that’s BEAUTIFUL!

You are light and sound, found! One who resonates the Truth in love through the Word in you, alive and true! Many hearts shall encounter the FIRE of TRUE LOVE and come into oneness too! You’re a champion deliverer, hand picked, a Jeremiah! Your life is devoted, protected, sent and shall go!

May be an image of text that says 'Every revolution begins with one voice crying in the wilderness.'

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