Preparation and alignment take time. Perfect time. There’s so much going on behind the scene, YOU are seen, you are moving forward, you’re going to see the support, the partnerships and what you need!! God is generational. He works through process, through it all. Keep handing over the load, the responsibilities, it all. You’re designed to carry the glory, not the weight of the fall. Amid it all, He is your soft landing queen!

You’re going to see a soft landing where it seems stark! Favour is with you amid shark! Where you see blood hounds, where you feel like you’re bleeding out, you’re not going to prematurely die! Hand it over, the weight of it all, the grief, the frustration, the crazy! All of it!! This is NOT going to have the best of you yet!

With JOY you shall draw water from the wells of salvation! Joy is your gift! It’s rightfully yours! Where the enemy has come in like a flood, you’re going to see the agent of CHANGE!

God with us!

Trust a must!

Favour abound!

Many of you are coming into divine 2 by 2! You’re going to see alignment for assignment and the best coming out in you! You’re not designed to go it alone, you’re not simply a worker bee, a work horse, a slave no more can you see? Your slave days are over!! The days of endless servitude are over! Service flows from royalty! From dignity! From OVERFLOW as you go!

You’re going to see FAVOUR flow! Favour with God, favour with man! Giving you reset, rest, reprieve and retrieve! Where you’ve been loaded up to overload, the wagon wheels shall unload! A soft landing you shall know!

There’s quiet rest for you friend! Hand over false responsibility and the load! You’re going to get what you need, so you can go! So you can flow in overflow!

Many of you have walked through and are walking through the consequences of humanity, brokenness, poor choices, foolishness, pain that’s felt like it’s crippled you, but the TRUTH is you are not lame! GOD HAS A DIVINE EXCHANGE! He loves you too much to leave you here!!

You’re going to see reprieve and retrieve as the FIRE of God blows! Where you feel in a tight squeeze, with very little room to move, days of duty, exhaustion and overcome.. this is the place of retrieve! You’re going to see your second, third and fourth wind! Breakthrough is upon your situation! The breath and FIRE Of GOD has come!!

Breakthrough from oppression, control and theft is coming!!!!

You’ve continued to FOLLOW the fire by night and cloud by day, you’ve held the line, pressed through the crowd. Refused to bow to the world and its ways! You’re NEXT in line! Many of the details that are needed to release the backlog of provision that you need are COMING queen!

The timing and alignment is right. Partnerships are coming! Movement is happening!

Do what you can to nourish yourself! A gentle walk in your day, maybe swap out the lunch room for a walk? Take time to lay back in your car seat as you pray! Let the tears flow! Tears are healing for the soul. The pressure valve shall release! God’s MERCY has won the day!

You’re going to experience greater levels of peace! God is with you! He’s working behind the scene, to set things up for YOUR breakthrough, break free, YOU are seen! You’re SO LOVED, desired, wanted, Daddy’s cherished daughter queen!

May be an image of horizon, twilight, ocean, beach and text

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