The gift of faith is there for you to see! To hold, to trust, to wait.. Faith that works parts impossible seas! You’re going to see miracles, breakthrough, break free! Where you’ve endured years of process, years of parked, yet unwavering, unflinching and refusing to go home until you’ve got your miracle, you’re going to see break free!! It’s time to hold onto hope! You’re in the boat, anchored to hope!

How do we hold onto hope? Through the mind of Christ in us through Calvary! The supernatural life of grace given to us at our re-birth! God’s mind is made up about you! He’s not double minded or unstable in his ways! His love never fails!

You’re going to see a clearing of blockages, obstacles, and ties to the past that have clung on for dare life as fear has no part! Where there’s shame, there’s always pain. What mirror are you looking into? Do you see the lamb, the lion, the eagle and the Man? Or do you see shame, lame, not enough, pain?

Fear, no trust, no team work, suspicious, cautious and cerebral are connected to shame.

YOU ARE NOT LAME! In Christ, you carry HIS name! HIS fame! HIS lane! You’re a peace poet, one who’s heart has been broken, you’ve faced incredible pain! The heart has the ability to heal in Jesus name!


You’re going to see with God all things are possible and set many captives free!

God is not linear. He is multi dimensional. He responds to your heart that’s eager, open and ready to receive! He blesses all those and that connected to you! The landlord shall be blessed! Your children’s friends shall be blessed! The community around you blessed, especially your ex!! The NATURE OF GOD IS GOODNESS, KINDNESS, MERCY HEARTED!

The presence of God is not contained! He is light and he is sound and your life has IMPACT all around!

Big things are ahead for you! Keep the faith, don’t waver thinking you’re late! It’s all coming together and you’re going to see multitudes winning in the race!

Big things are ahead for you! Dare to believe, he’s more than able, He’s CHOSEN YOU!

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