This is me and Taffy cat in 2015. Born by a stray, adopted. Taff, the runt of the litter looked at first like he wouldn’t make it. He’s turned out to be the most fierce cat! Every day brings me a mouse or rat! When I went into surgery to have my 5th child, Taffy had an accident and lacerated his tummy, we both recovered with stitches alongside each other! Taff has an emotional intelligence that’s second to none! On days when I’m exhausted and can’t go on, he’s there at my feet as I lay and rest. Prophetically, Taffy reminds me of a dream I had while resting on my bed..

On new years day 2011 the Spirit of God came upon me in a vision, in the form of a Fireman. This encounter was one of a series of encounters releasing supernatural peace, confirmation and encouragement as I was commissioned into media ministry.

During the dream, Jesus walked alongside me in the form of a Fireman with a hose and gutter rats and snakes (representing lies) that appeared on life’s road, were being hosed! Melting away, they went down disappearing into the ground. A vivid reminder Heaven has our backs as we keep our eyes on the Prize, (the King of Glory) when the enemy comes to appose! As harvesters, there’s preservation of LIFE, as we partner with the Spirit of God on the superhighway amid strife!!

Taff came after the prophetic writing ministry was established and launched. A fierce, loyal, emotionally intelligent cat, a daily reminder with God all things are possible! Love doesn’t give up! Love never fails! Comfort and confirmation in the call!

The protection, the power, the presence of God upon our lives and our families, as we break through strongholds! Victimisation, entitlement, selfishness, pride and strife! It’s with humility that we roll! Sacrificial commitment, awe, wonder, gratitude! Full of the presence of God in our lives! Length, breath and depth! Love that’s full of peace, hearing mercy speak!

Be encouraged friend! God is speaking through your situation and circumstances! Through creation, nature, maybe even a cat like Taff? You’ve got his attention and his affection!

Naturally supernatural, you’re going to see confirmation of his spoken Word! As you wait upon his presence, mindful of unstoppable love, you’re going to encounter comfort, strength and capacity! Miracles and what you need!

Sow the pain, the dishonour, the lame and the shame! It’s all seed!! As you hand it all over, you’re going to see breakthrough and break- free, setting captives free!! The lies that come to tie and bind shall not find a landing strip in your mind! You’re not going to miss out, go through the motions, unseen! You’re covered queen! Highly favoured amid rejection, deeply loved, one who’s touching heaven, changing earth, cleansed by fire, led by love, one who leans!

You’re going to see the next generation come through as ice breakers too! His voice in you! Judah roars through your sore! Confirmation of his presence and comfort shall be seen! He loves you!!! Without hesitation, without disgrace, you are His beloved dream!

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