Word of encouragement…Some of you are waiting for the right partnerships to fulfil the purposes of God you know you’re called for. You don’t necessarily understand all the ins and outs, and that’s all part of the trust process, you know you are called to pioneer outward. It’s unique, often unprecedented and it takes certain characteristics to fulfil; (just a few below)

You need the ability in God to be content and faithful in often mundane work, particularly if you’re called to a ministry that works in relationship with local houses but is not paid staff.

You’ll have the courage and foresight often to relocate. Your family isn’t going to be the financial backer of the vision. You’ll carry the batten from the previous generation in a unique context, carrying the anointing and heart for what’s next. The message remains the same, but the methods change. Old and new wineskins.

Be encouraged forerunners, you’re going see the right partnership to fulfil the dream! Many of you singles are at the top of your game, you’re fulfilling your calling in your lane, sticking to the basics of the mission you’re oiled for, there’s contentment and fulfilment, and the grace to remain. Be encouraged, there’s more in store!

God works through the decades and many of you will see your 60’s, 70’s and 80’s as the greatest years of fulfilment in your lane! Enjoy the journey! Present in the present!

One day is enough in his presence, that’s the place of kingdom reign!

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