Darling heart, you’re Daddy’s rose, from the start! He sees and He knows! He’s making a way so you can go. You’re going forth in peace, cut loose from chaos, lies and deceit, the past!

Love is patient, love is kind! He’s not tricky, sneaky, a man who should lie! Your heart is going to thrive!

1 Corinthians 13 is a love letter to you! It’s a description of who Heaven is and who you are on Earth, the NEW in you, given at re-birth! (Salvation) When you went down into the waters of baptism and came back up, a public declaration was made to the principalities and powers of darkness whose and who you are!

Your new nature identity demonstrates fruits of the Spirit, LIFE!

Love’s mind is forever made up! Your life laid down seen! Your heart willing and contrite, growth in LIFE seen!

Sacrificial commitment birthed out of love seen! Flying high on the wings of Grace, surrounded by his presence in the night!

Fragrant one, you’re going to see a divine TURNAROUND where your heart has been deeply grieved!

Grieved over the pain of other’s choices, twisted theology, the religious spirit that’s not LIFE! Entitled and complicit behaviour that operates out of a lie! IN Christ, you have nothing to hide!

Boundaries in place have caused entitled minds to thrash about and lie! Boundaries that have only been put in place in your life in recent years as you came out of the fog of false submission and die! Love does not traffic in shame, pain, suffering, blame!

Love is sacrificial, not lame!

Without revelation knowledge, without a solid foundation, we tolerate human behaviour which is inappropriate, unsafe, unkind.

Love does not operate in a lie! Love is a person and He’s not taken by surprise. Love is so patient, so KIND!

Much of the process you’re walking through is simply the outworking of your freedom call, you shall not prematurely die! Where the Spirit of the LORD is there is freedom! There’s peace! Peace operates through humility! Amid the workload, the roles you operate in, the responsibilities you carry.

Some of you are experiencing such a lash back because of entitled minds. There’s been disclosure and exposure, unsafe, unstable, unkind. You’re dealing with personality disorders entertaining demonic spirit(s) rooted in pride and a cerebral mind!

The tactic is to wear you out emotionally, mentally, physically and financially to get you to bend, snuff out your voice, stay down! It’s control. Its stench is FOUL!

You cannot deliver, cast out or change someone else’s heart. Repentance, and the ability to get real and transparent before the Spirit of God comes down to each individual heart! Entrust those that come against you, in prayer, to the Love and LORD of your life! You’re SAFE in HIS hands!

For some of you, Church is not a safe place. There are recovery Churches out there, there are abuse advocates, there’s so much HELP out there, the REMNANT are rising from the ashes and you’re going to see a beautiful BOUQUET in your hands!

Beloved, you’re not a victim, you’re not crazy, you’re not alone! You’re the ROSE of Daddy’s heart, He’s been with you every step, every breath from the start! The King of Glory has been, has seen, Your heart is beloved queen!

Rose of His heart, you’re going to get your fresh start!

Happy Heart Day!❤️

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