The Show Doesn’t Have to Go On


A word of encouragement to those sensing a heavenly shift over what you’re to partner with in this time and hour. There’s fresh oil (grace) for this new space you’re sensing a wooing to. You may be feeling a tug of war over what to do, who, when..

I sense the Spirit of God saying,

“The show doesn’t have to go on.”

Where you feel the grace has lifted and won’t last, where a past season opportunity has become a ‘worker bee opportunity of provision for you’, you’re going to see provision for your family in the new assignment ahead for you.

Moving forward into the new with honour and respect, I see you leaving a clean house as you do. Your part taken care of, the rest not up to you!

What’s ahead is GOOD NEWS! Faith has positioned you! The presence of God covering you! You’re a trailblazer true blue!

Blueprints often unfold in unique ways, not always how we thought to be mapped or planned out! There’s always a bigger picture and WAY MORE as we walk forward in the Door! (Jesus)

Your family is going to be okay, provision will be drawn to you!

Jesus stopped for the One. He was completely present as he lead out in his Father’s presence! You’ll see one by one stopping to help you too. Present in His presence, this is what will do!

The ‘show’ doesn’t have to go on. Daddy sees your heart, his wooing and drawing you’re sensing, is apart of the bigger picture for you.

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