Hosea’s story echo’s the message that God is love. Hosea restored his wife to her rightful place despite her licentiousness and turning her back on God. It’s a breathtaking story of mercy and grace amid stubborn wilfulness and rebellion. Deep calls to deep and the remnant shall see peace!

Where you’ve seen chaos reign, you’re going to see deliverance and rain! Faithfulness like the morning dew, bringing all things new! This deliverance shall be known and seen in 2024. The areas of your life where chaos has reigned, you’re going to see it destroyed through right believing! Receiving an end to past seasons of pain! God is releasing fresh rain! Rain speaks of provision, abundance, renewal and fresh dew! You are moving through! Where the enemy has come against you with accusations to tie and bind, you’re going to see the lasso of truth in your mind.

2024 is the year of open and closed doors! For some of you it’s a 7 year cycle of restore and more! Where locusts and cankerworms have eaten up your time, you’re going to see justice in your line! Where you’ve experienced hardship and broken trust in the dust, where the enemy has twisted and bent, you’re going to see favour and blessings in 2024! Like a submarine submerged, the pressure on the inside far greater than the pressure on the outside, leading you forward, heard!

Sound waves in the night, releasing signals and light! You’re going to see recovery of all, the power of God leading you amid the fall.

You’re going to discover new layers of the ‘real you’ in 2024 seeing the power of God flow! Blockages and hinderances shall go! No more confusion, no more droll! (self-mockery) You shall drink from streams of living water. You’re going to see the POWER of God flow!

The Holy Spirit operates through truth! Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom!

Freedom from prison chains!

Freedom from cycles of defeat!

Freedom from shackles of shame!

Freedom from years’ of false hopes, let down’s, feeling lame!

You shall break out in FREEDOM in 2024! Out of old nature habits and environmental formative year factors that caused you to stall. You are enough! TRUE IMAGE, you’re rooted and established in love!

Love pours out of you, mercy is your juice! Love a person, not a currency, not contractural. Covenant love! A sealed deal! The blood enough! One in the Son with our Magnificent King priest, who gave it all for the fall! Perfect love!

Those around you are going to see the goodness and kindness of the Son in 2024! You’re going to see greater peace inside, around you and more!

Living water, more! Excitement, hungry ones becoming generous receivers in the Son! An end to confusion, ease!

Everything Jesus spoke before he died was under the law man chose. It’s been fulfilled by perfect love, so we can live powerful lives, full of peace, come! We’re going to see deliverance for the masses in 2024 and the freedom to run! Perfect love in the Son!

“Come!” All who thirst, all who hunger, Come!”

Hosea 6:3

“Let us know, Let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord. His going forth is established as the morning, He will come to us like the rain, Like the former and latter rain to the earth.”

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