Through your YES, you’re going to see pour! Where there’s been a mis-representation of the Father’s nature we’re going to see the remnant soar! God doesn’t need his reputation defending, he desires sons who are established in truth, love that’s unending! Ones and two’s, sold out lovers, true! The days of old and new and mis-representation are fading out of sight, we’re going to see juice!

Those holding up the law as a measuring stick making a mockery of the Lamb who wore shame and what we deserved He bore, shall have no influence in 2024. Peace shall be seen through Calvary’s door! No more wrath, Jesus poured out his life for our punishment so we can soar! The GOOD news is the DOOR! Luke 4! The accusing spirits operating through selfish ambition, deceit and shame shall be no more! We’re going to see the Lion of Judah roar in 2024!

The fire of God’s presence leading! Abundant life, GOOD news! The brokenhearted healed, good tidings to the poor, kindness and opening hearts that are sore!

Your YES has been polished through it all! Everything you’ve been through to date, hasn’t made you late! You’ve had your will, your ego, your life’s message tempered, through it all. No longer looking for what’s next, looking after you! Seeing worth, seeing the presence of God in the mirror each day. Yielded and true; enemy arrows, your humanity, life’s lessons have led you time and time again to the One who’s true!

You’ve broken through! Layers of fear have been stripped away that once held you! Where you’ve been enmeshed through pseudo family tradition and religion, freedom now reigns leading you forward unwavering, steadfast, sold out, the power of love living through you!

No longer robbed of confidence, two steps forward, one step back, unsure. Established and prepared, you’re ready to step through into greater increase in 2024. Where you’ve stepped out of the boat and dreamed a God sized dream, layers of preparation you’ve had you hadn’t saw.

You’ve erred on caution as it seemed like the dream was lost in the last few years. You’ve felt like you’ve been clinging on by a thread, but it’s full steam ahead in 2024! True north is leading you in 2024. It’s all been preparation for acceleration.

Your YES is wholly for the LORD! The religious spirits that are so antagonistic suck your energy no more. You’ve been pressed and what’s in your heart has come to the forefront, your YES is the best and the Lord is with you in the call as you continually trust his leading and surrender all.

You’re going to see Judah ROAR over your ceiling becoming your floor in 2024. You are so loved, so dearly loved, many are barracking for you, you’re going to soar on heaven’s roar in 2024!

You’re going to see God has kept the VERY BEST for you at last! You’re worth it!! He’s SAVED the best for last! Your season of desert is going to be your delicious feast! 2024 is going to be dessert time! The wait, the battle, the growth, the timing, the press, you shall experience the PERSON OF REST, seeing God’s GOODNESS demonstrated in your life his best!

Your YES is meeting Daddy’s best! He’s leading you in his REST. The preparation to date has God’s time stamp on it and you’re not late! You’re going to see favour with God and man, coupled with the courage to step into ‘no man’s land’.

You’re going to lead out in this NEW season that’s upon you seeing the power of God flow through you. God’s BEST revealed through your willingness and continued YES!

Your heart is, ‘launch, equip, see others soar!’ You’re a laid down lover, not a fighter, one whose equipped for more. Challenges you have the character to face, no more calling it ‘small’. The battle has been over your voice, you ARE called! You like to keep quiet while others seem to have an edge to them and at times you feel you don’t have what it takes to fulfil the call. Your gift is the ability to WAIT and to HOLD. You are LOYAL to the core! One whose trustworthy amid the fall in the call! Meek, not weak! You’re courageous in your heart to the CORE!

You’ve taken on work that’s not your first choice, but it’s proven you’re willing to step up, reliable and willing amid the fall. Humility and willingness to step forward and you’re going to meet your mate, together fulfilling the call! Courage dear heart, it’s your HEART that Heaven sees and leads through the call! You are NOT small. You’re going to see your ceiling become your floor in 2024. Promotion is upon you in relational ways, in increase, in favour, in movement and more.

The anointing on your life for others is a blessing and you are not double minded or unstable, it’s in the daily consistent steps forward that you’ll see God’s goodness pour! It’s time to keep your eyes on the prize, you’ve been kept for such a time as this, it’s mostly hidden in the bosom of his breast, where there is rest. Your prayer life is pure nard! It’s hidden and in this SECRET place the POWER rests. You’re going to see power flow as Daddy adds increase amid the experience of rest. (peace).

You’re going to see the right alignments that you need, the support that you need, the right place and the right time. Let the DREAMER in you arise! Hearts are on the line! Full of compassion, full of God’s glory and even through it’s a lonely road, you are not alone! It’s time to be seen, you’re going to live your dream!

You are a fruitful vine! Rooted in the tree of life, free of strife! A tree that produces life, demonstrates behaviour that produces sweet delicious fruit! Stability, love in action, consistency, kindness, meekness, gentleness, self control. You have nothing to fear, perfect love is leading you dear! The Lion of Judah shall roar through every aspect of your life in 2024!

It’s GO time!

Luke 4: 18-19

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor, He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind. To set at liberty those who are oppressed. To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.”

“Isaiah chapters 53-61 are prophesying what humanity deserved through mans sin that separated us from God and the shame we once wore. Isaiah 61 prophesies the fulfilment we saw in Luke 4! King Jesus, the Lion and the Lamb, who bore what we deserved, no more wrath, only blessings as our punishment he bore! Peace, be still, through Calvarys’ door! No more wrath, Jesus poured his life our for our punishment, enabling us to soar!”


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