I hear the Spirit of God saying, “Keep your eyes on Me. I am your true north.”

There’s an invitation by the Spirit of God to keep you centred in the call. Bring you back on course where there’s been a pendulum swing of prolonged circumstance and distraction. Then, finance. Lack of it, or love of it. The situations that have caused distraction, delay and derail shall not win the day!

You are getting your wheels on, on track and momentum and acceleration shall move you swiftly along!

Your YES is what the Lover of your soul sees! Faith STEPS lead!

The relationships that you need are on their way! To fulfil the call. It’s way bigger than you imagined in terms of reach and influence, it’s your heart that God cares about amid the fall! Your needs shall be met. You will see the right partner call who understands the cost and call, willing to stay the course amid the fall.

You’re on track, target and time! Faithful Philippians will meet you in the call. Those who pray, support and give! Reciprocal relationships in the mission and call.

2024 is the year of closed and open doors. Hearts are getting themselves prepared and ready! Hearts are opening to the Door, we’re going to see many experience Salvation’s deliverance and soar!

The Spirit of God is bringing settlers and explorers together to fulfil the call! Faith is their currency. Intimacy is their victory! Favour precedes their move and the favour of God makes way amid the fall! We’re going to see purpose mates! Those who understand the call and are prepared to pay the price of sacrificial commitment! Men and woman of valour! Courage! Back bone!

The Spirit of God is inviting those alone into more! It’s time to be open to see the right partnerships amid the fall! Courage dear heart, you’re oiled for more!

Veronica McDonald

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