You’re going to see the kindness of God in your situation in the finest detail! He KNOWS, He SEES, He goes BEFORE you! As you make a decision to act on the promptings you sense and feel, heaven will faithfully meet you as you kneel!

Little story to tell you from my kitchen to yours..

This week I’m preparing to do a bake off for the Karios Prison Outside families, as we fundraise for next years agape weekend. I chose to do a dozen carrot and walnut cakes because I get flour, carrots and oil from my city’s food bank. I said to Holy Spirit, I just need to trust you for eggs, cream cheese and walnuts to make the cakes. The rest of the ingredients, I had in my pantry.

So, I’m going through my food bank check out this week and right there at the end of the counter, they’ve just had a trolley donated of walnuts!! I’ve been going to this food bank this year and I’ve never seen walnuts, but this week there was a TROLLEY full of free walnuts! (God wink!!)… To add to the story, I’m sitting in Church on Sunday and the precious couple sitting near me lean over and ask if I want a dozen eggs and the wife hands them to me smiling! (Another God wink!)

I’m just in tears with Daddy’s smile upon us and for some of you right now, you might be hearing, “That’s just a coincidence, or that’s pathetic because it’s so small, or ‘wow, you’re at the food bank, what’s wrong with your administration of personal finance?” This is the natural mind and reasoning that humanity operates in. Don’t be intimidated by what’s scary and uncomfortable! Your freedom, your voice, your heart is more important than the fear of lack and not enough..

I see the kindness of God in everything! I see the kindness of God in His provision, His winks, His mercy, His thoughtfulness! HE LOVES TO MEET YOU IN THE MIDDLE!

So, what -ever it is this day you’re sensing a prompting, a leaning to sow into, that thing that’s BIGGER than you! Know this, as you lean in and move forward TRUST will meet you! That something that’s bigger than you, someone else’s need, the desire to help others out of your lack, know that GOD has your back!! From OVERFLOW we go! He is an ABUNDANT God! He’s a FAITHFUL Father! Holy Spirit goes before you, as you go!

God bless you today, there is always, ALWAYS ENOUGH!

The kindness of God is with you as you lean and trust and press in for what you need to fulfil the need you see amid the dust!

Have a blessed adventure in your day!

Much Love!

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