Let the dreamers dream, there’s more than enough! Where you feel inadequate, not enough, be encouraged! God is with you! All the way, it’s time to look up, not naval gaze, keep looking up, trust!

“Keep your eyes on Me and you will see miracles part seas!”

It’s time to get yourself ready! To trust! To expect GOD to give you the strength and the confidence to step out amid rough! You are enough! Where you feel inadequate and not enough, this is the place of trust! TRUTH your rudder amid tough! Your ego can’t do it for you, nor can you figure it out yourself, it’s time to tap into the realm of possible catching waves of kindness and love! All shall be well!

Through the clashing of Kingdoms, you’ve been oiled for more! No longer living under a powerless religious spell! God with us, enough!

Matthew 1:23 you shall see! The right partnership(s) that you need! The confidence to show your hand in humility and expect a lead! Action must be taken, you are not mistaken! God is calling us up and out in heaven’s shout! We are the remnant whose lives count! Let the dreamers dream!

You shall see miracles of love part impossible seas! You’re going to meet your mate! Find that spouse! Some of you will buy a house! It’s time to take the bull by the horns and step out! Let the dreamers dream! Perfect love calls you out and up! You are enough and you shall see provision as you step out!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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