It may seem like the hardship, isolation, the extraordinary challenges you’ve faced and you daily face are never ending, but be encouraged friend, faith sees! You are celebrated in heaven and here on earth! You are set apart for a specific purpose! Intimacy is your golden key! It’s the life source you nourish from! So many are inspired to dig their own wells from the inspiration of God you are! You are not forgotten!

Much respected for the anointing on your life for others, yet so alone in your personal life. Be encouraged friend! Salt and light and all things bright! You are set apart for a PURPOSE! God has you EXACTLY where HE needs you to be in this season!

I believe with all my heart we’re going to see divine alignments for the God assignments on our lives!

Many of us have stood in the trenches with healing on our lips and hands for decade(s). You’ve experienced so much through it all and the faithfulness of God has been seen! Like the lighthouse keeper in this picture, surrounded by insurmountable waves, yet kept by perfect peace! The ravens have even fed you through many storms!

Miracle of love you are SEEN!

God is speaking through every day signs to you personally that will bring comfort and help you stay the course in the calling. The oil that’s on your life is for the healing of nations!

Through media, through family, through the quirky start ups! Your YES has HIS fingerprint all over it!!

You’re going to experience greater peace in this new season. There’s a clearing of the board at this time and it’s been a long time coming! The obstacles, the road blocks, the ploys and plots of the enemy to stall you out have been swept away in the sea of forgetfulness, you have COME THROUGH CLEAN!

It’s time to get yourself ready for more! Physical strength, weight loss. Many of you will travel far and wide in the years to come!

More power, more love, more strength as you trade over your human weakness! The Lion of Judah roars! The Lamb leads you into pastures green! Souls to feed!

In the days to come, as you stick to the basics of worship and prayer, as you continue to lay your life down as a love offering, you shall see the power of God raise you up for more!

It’s a time of abundant increase! Where there’s been theft of time, theft of dreams, theft of God given desires for you PERSONALLY (not simply for others) you shall see FRESH FIRE FALL!

Faithful one, you are seen! You are dearly loved! The isolation, the personal loneliness, the sacrificial commitment, it’s all a set up for a perfect storm!

You are on track, target, time! It’s time to dream with God, get your journals out and be open for personal miracles to break out! For you!! Not just the ministry of reconciliation for others, but for your hearts desires to be fulfilled for more!

Power, healing flow! The nard on you is sweet!! You’re going to see KINDNESS surrounding you, where previously you saw sharks! (religious spirits)

Veronica McDonald

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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