The outworking of the dream in your heart is covered in the glory of God from the start! You’re going to see the bigger picture. Your story isn’t someone else’s story. You may see similarities but your path is called groundbreaker. You are a pioneer with a unique mantel. It’s not time to fall into despair or compare or be sad about what you perceive as failure, loss or abort dear. The Comforter holds your hand, you are his heir. One who has a great inheritance here.

The direction you’re moving in hasn’t gone in your line before! You’re going to find greater contentment through the process, peace that settles your heart. The mission calls for toil in new soil. As you draw upon heaven’s presence and pour, the anointing heals and restores. You’re a laid down lover. The angels know you and follow instructions. Your decrees are heard in the atmosphere! The Spirit of God has great exploits in store!

You’ve won his heart. He has your ear. He calls you dear! You live from this applause. When all is said and done at the end of your life you’re going to see how he brought you through it all. Descendants as numerous as the stars you’ll see!

The forerunners and generational runners are coming forth! Pioneers who go where no one has gone in your line before. Tradition and culture shall not stunt and cage you, you’re a groundbreaker here. Faith’s gift taking the lead. Meeting every need. Treasure troves of trust raised up in the dust!

All you’ve been through so far has prepared you to trust. Faithfulness leading you dear. You’ve been prepared to hold the line. To let your yes be yes and no be no. You’re no longer double minded going your own way. The power of God enables you to stand amid raging sea. Your ego and will has been tamed through life’s trials. You live for heaven’s glory, it’s his love in your story. You’ve learned to rely and trust. Tapping into faith’s power in this hour! The only one you see is JESUS. The spotless LAMB. Yielded, you’re a diamond, a great dispenser of light! Content yet not settled. Nestled amid life’s wrestle.

Gratitude oozes from within, you live in awe and wonder present this day with him! Your attitude isn’t one of ‘pipped at the post’, entitled. Life’s let down’s haven’t set you down. You are expectant for the glory of God to be known, you know faith’s power in love will break through the ground!

All you’ve been through has prepared you for what’s ahead! As you keep following the Way, you’re going to see the breath of God make way amid waves! The ones and two’s, they are the ones to focus on 2 by 2! You are led by heaven’s star! The unsung, the care, the tears! The years of lonely toil, you’ve sown it all, eyes flint on the lover of your soul! You shall see faith pay dividends dear! Faith leads! Faith heals! Faith holds you near!

Don’t despair, you’re on track, you are faith’s descendant heir!

Hebrews 11:6 TPT

“And without faith living within us it would be impossible to please God. For we come to God in faith, knowing that he is real and that he rewards the faith of those who passionately seek him.”

Footnotes from translator- Or “we are powerless to please God.” (Without faith- it’s a supernatural force in our hearts, given by the grace of God IN Christ Jesus)

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