“You have the capacity to receive in Me”, says the King of Glory

Disciplined in your thinking, you know how to keep drinking! Rivers of living water shall be seen! In and through your life, peace, postured in your thinking, receive!

“The responsibility’s you’re stewarding and the power to retrieve is found in Me, I see! You’re going to see the support that you need! Many of you feel like you’ve missed the boat and you’re out of hope! It’s a perspective shift found in Me, says the King of Glory! I retrieve as you lean! As you become a generous receiver indeed! The roadblocks that you see shall desist, as you keep your eyes on Me!”

Goodness sees! As you bathe in the water of LIFE you shall see disciplined thinking in-deed! The Word and Spirit take flight!

“Miracles are found in Me! You’re a miracle in My sight! Not forgotten, in the night”

Keep drinking in your thinking, you’re going to see the promises of God break through in your life! You have time! Many of you are going to see what you need with a disciplined mind. The wisdom of God leads. When, how, what, and why. You’re going to see breakthrough in promises; provision and fulfilment, your hearts cry as you hold fast and not die!

Heaven has seen your diligence, your willingness, your desire. Fresh fire! This is NOT the time to give up the ghost because you feel like it’s too hard, too long, not worth a try! Your flesh is weak, but you’re empowered from on high! One who’s willing to keep pouring out as the well of life pours in you on high! Jesus relates to your humanity! In your weakness, you’re a conduit for the power of God to breakthrough, you’re not dumb!

Your prayers have not gone unanswered, it’s time to HOLD FAST! Trust and rely! Keep moving forward with what you can, with what’s in your hand, you’re going to see multiplication son! You are SEEN! God is with you as you lean. Disciplined in your thinking, come receive as you run.

“As you sit at the table with Me, you will see!” Says the King of Glory.

Generous receiver, receive! Wisdom, insight, timing, know how, anointing, strength to run! Divine strength and the ability to live discipled in your thinking is how we run! Above doubts about ourselves, our station, our lives; beyond apathy, guilt and our sense of failure. The flesh, false reality, chasing a carrot down an alley and man’s wisdom don’t own the legal rights to us son- divine Wisdom is with us as we run! IN Christ, we are ONE! A disciplined mind is fastened on the mind of Christ, that’s how you’re going to see God’s best in the days ahead son!

DON’T GIVE UP! KEEP GOING! KEEP DOING WHAT YOU CAN! Learn, train, invest, sow your time, talent, your heart and mind son! Daily come! Dive deep, rest and refresh and see rivers of living water come!

God is speaking through circumstances that confirm his Word for your life. The timing of the alignments that you need shall come. You are on track, target and time. The supernatural life of Grace with you; divine strength, hold fast you shall see your hearts desires fulfilled as you come!

Hebrews 10:23 TPT

“So now wrap your heart tightly around the hope that lives within us, knowing that God always keeps his promises!”

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