We read the story of Lot in Genesis 19:1-38. It’s a story of character revealed through worldly decisions of riches and ease and decisions that eventually led to the tragic loss of his wife. He ended up living in a small cave. We read on to see he conceived children with his 2 daughters, who went on to become descendants of Moab. Ruth, David’s great-grandmother came from this family line. (There is no sin or evil that can hinder God’s grace from shining through even the darkest cloud of human failure. Translator Footnotes, Genesis 19:37 TPT)

I believe there’s an encouragement for the Bride to arise in this hour. The Spirit of God is leading us on into high ground. Where you’ve faced consequences of past decisions others or even you’ve made, you’re going to see mercy’s kiss! With your mind made up and heart made new, positioned and postured in the truth! No more nonsense, no more ridiculous! No more madness, silliness, absurdity! Mercy’s kiss!

Behaviour that’s safe!

Obedience is trusting in Jesus and his finished work, can you see? Simply believe, you’re worthy to receive. It’s a heart that’s contrite and willing to do what’s right, to learn from past mistakes, you have breath and you are not late!

The transforming power of the Gospel empowers us to walk humbly and do what’s right! To submit to and support the civil authorities appointed over us! To sit under the divine order of God in our lives and in our land. (Romans 13). To walk in the protection, covering and anointing! To not go it alone! To love and value others and do what’s right! Living in the light!

Lot’s folly was his own carnal desires, to go it alone and lack of humility and insight! God was merciful, patient and kind! God was with Abraham who bailed him out in time, yet he continued to make decisions that were based on folly! Even so, we see Ruth in the genealogy of Jesus Christ in his line! Amazing grace, how sweet the sound!

It’s not time to LOOK BACK!! We are called to be salt and light! To live in the light! To walk with others sent and appointed and in the light! To walk in Kingdom purpose as laid down lovers in this hour! It’s always time to do what’s right! Pride comes before a fall and it’s with humility that we are empowered to stand tall! Your past mistakes don’t disqualify you mate! It’s time to stand tall!

There is weighty GLORY, miracles, blessings and inheritance as we live separated from the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life! Humility listens, waits, learns, serves others in the night!

The road may be long, it may have been rocky but you shall see descendants as many as the stars! Your feet are washed with peace! Don’t be intimidated by the separation you’ve experienced in years gone by, the sword of truth has revealed carnal choices and freedom of choice is yours too!

You’ve been willing to allow God to take you outside of your limitations and opinions and your past mistakes! Like Abraham and Lot’s descendants, you too shall see descendants in your line (natural and spiritual) as many as the stars!

The anointing strengthens your heart!

Keep moving forward on the tip of the arrow, the best is coming and you’ve got a KEY part!

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