Mercy triumphs over judgement and you’re going to be left alone. You’ve worshipped through the warfare, you’ve kept your hands clean! Your heart has wept with tears as you’ve cried out to God for breakthrough and you’re going to see a clearing of the way dear.

The prolonged difficulty you’ve experienced has been process- partly to do with the fall of man and it’s been a set-up to help other’s as the mercy heart you carry is reaching hearts in places of desperation and despair.

The station and the stage you’re at is a platform for many miracles as you’ve sowed it all dear..

Mercy that triumphs! Love that protects! You’re not one to back down, quit, roll over and sigh, scoff or seek revenge! You’re a laid down lover! You see clear because you know you are absolutely NOTHING without the blood of the Lamb! Heaven draws near!

Mercy triumphs!

You’ve cried many tears for the oppressors! The battle you’ve endured has been long, it’s been tough! But you are strong! The presence of God is your EVERYTHING!

You’re not chasing a title, you’re not seduced by ladders and sales! You’re postured on your face, crying out for mercy’s kiss and deliverance FOR those who oppress you and hound your tail!

Honour is a gift!! Trust is earned and you are clear on what is wisdom!

You’ve honoured those entrusted to look after you who let you down. You’ve encountered mercy’s kiss! Mercy that’s triumphed amid the dis! Loved much, you’re empowered to love much. There’s a soft landing for you as an adult in mercy’s kiss.

Mercy triumphs and love empowers! Your story is full of God’s glory. Your suffering, your pain, the difficulties, it’s all leverage in Jesus name!

You will see the faithfulness of God in your hand and in your land as you keep moving forward in mercy’s kiss!

Mercy triumphs over judgment! It’s up to God to deal with injustice dear! Knowing this, has kept you fighting for what’s right, it’s helped you protect those with young! It’s what’s kept you going through injustice, persecution and things you cannot and will not disclose publicly dear.

With clean hands and a pure heart, you’re going to see God’s glory presence in greater dimensions as mercy triumphs in your heart and through your life and through the generation you’re entrusted to lead dear! LOVE, is with you, leading you, protecting you! You are FREE to be!

Amid the struggle, amid the responsibilities and the challenges. There is a soft landing here. With tender mercy and kindness you will succeed, seeing all clear!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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