You are one who sows honour! Amid injustices unseen, you’re walking in the Spirit, that’s how you have the capacity and power to press in and dream; leaning on ‘All Powerful’, seeing his miracle power breakthrough natural circumstances that are mean!

It’s in this place of total dependance on him, we live, move and have our being! His will becomes our will as we surrender all and lean. Moved by compassion, your prayers are heard and seen!

Abiding rest in this place of oneness as you know resurrection power will be seen! Your flesh and desires to be seen, shall see triumph through humility and gentleness as you walk in the Spirit not the natural! Human wisdom is triumphed by the Cross where victory is seen!

He ALWAYS comes through for his holy lovers walking through hardship and difficulties, persecutions and trials, as favour follows the lovers of God in the night, we are the light!

All you’ve walked through is not a waste of time, you’re going to see resurrection power in your line! You are coming through all this; tried, tested, true! The KING OF GLORY with you!

What is it in your life that seems to have died?

-As you trade it over, heaven’s power shall be seen! Son of thunder, it’s with meekness you shall receive!

“Many want victory before the cross, but true victory comes after resurrection.” Mark 11:9-11 TPT

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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