You’re coming through this queen. Your heart is seen.

“You are a delight to Me,” says Daddy.

Where you feel at loss, loveliness sees. He calls you adequate!

Strength of stay is with you this day. You are enough queen. Come as you are, presence and power are yours, joy bubbles are bubbling up tonight! Love is lightening your load. What seemed hard and heavy in the past is being replaced with light and ease, can you see?

“I give you My hand, strength and stay you will see this day.”

The burdens, the heartache, the pain that seems too much to express or feel.. the hands of perfect love feel. You are a treasure queen! Heaven is here and you are dear, joy bubbles are bubbling up tonight! Pure joy is yours! A gift of God as heaven has been! You are seen! Chosen! Wanted! A dream…

You are enough! I see you being released from the weight of false belief, the narrative that’s kept you from experiencing tangible love. You’re going to encounter the unfailing, never running out on you kind of love. True love. Love that’s enough. Love that has the capacity to heal and seal amid your real, giving you reprieve and relief as you take the hand of victory!

You’re going to see as Daddy sees. Faithful and True chose you! Joy bubbles are bubbling up tonight! You’re going to encounter mercy’s kiss again and again and again. Love that’s never ever going to run out on you again. Love never fails. You are not off the rails. Joy bubbles are bubbling up tonight! You’re going to feel lighter, you are heaven’s delight!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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