Vision and mission are key to understanding your purpose, calling, function and the timing attached to destiny! Destiny lives in you through your intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. You are yielded to the will of God having been through incredible process as you’ve learned only the Spirit of God can do! Your purpose cannot be fulfilled through your flesh, you know it’ll end up a ship wreck if you don’t allow the power of prayer and oneness to break through!

No flesh can glory in His presence!

Some of you are settlers and function well in your calling having the capacity to support as elders, supporters, servant sons in local houses. Others of you are called to nations, to go, whether that’s through itinerant, relocation, media or other ways of reaching beyond your own shores.

Explorers go into un-chartered territory where no-one in their family line has gone before. They go beyond borders and are called and oiled to break open regions and territories with the Gospel so others can soar. There’s genuine shift in the people and a move of the Spirit of God as an Apostle imparts through the oil, the truth! Often in tandem with the prophetic anointing too. We see this in the life of Paul and his teams..


Some of you have experienced parting of ways in personal relationships because of control and narcissistic personalty types. You’ve experienced many years going around in circles and no movement in the partnership as it’s been an unsafe relationship. You’ve been faithful at your station, but it’s not been reciprocal. You’ve experienced idealise, devalue, discard and then hover to get you back in the cycle again. Confusion, fog, chaos kept you in a perpetual place of small, unable to move forward beyond the cycle and spin.

A narcissistic relationship does not honour both individuals as seperate entities, working together for the greater good. It’s based on one person in control and the other as an extension of the self-referenced one. Vision, mission and moving forward is impossible in this type of dysfunction. Narcissistic personality types are self-focused and everything and everyone revolves around them. They refuse to reflect, because they are unable to consider the needs of the other person as pride is the root. Pride comes before a fall! (Proverbs 16:18)


We’re seeing a wiping of the board as the chess pieces are being re-set in this time as the remnant is rising and many are moving abroad! There’s an army arising of laid down lovers who are meek not weak and who’ve been refined as silver amid the sword! The remnants’ first and final love is the LORD!

We’re seeing a wrecking ball anointing, a Jeremiah 1 call, breaking through man made traditions and the idols of self that have ruled fall!

The Bride is awake! She’s not late! She’s on target, on track and on time! We’re seeing the latter being greater than the former and the BEST DAYS yet! The harvest is white, the workers have their hands to the plow as the GLORY OF GOD has arisen, IN the dawning of the SON! Souls are bursting through; through the HOPE of GLORY in you!

Settlers and supporters doing their part, the OIL OF JOY breaking through! Narcs (religious spirits) who once held the power of privilege who’ve used and abused shall have limited influence in the days ahead. JOY IS BREAKING OUT!

We’re living in the greatest time in history! The climax and consummation of the age! The KING OF GLORY shall come upon those in a daze! The power of God shall be seen as we yield, as we lean. Humble, contrite, full of love shining bright!

No flesh can glory as we lean!


Healing is here for those of you who’ve seen a parting of ways from toxic intimate relationships. Those of you who’ve endured chaos and pain and suffering behind closed doors. You’ve kept your mouths shut while others seem to have money and freedom and time to live their lives on the run! They are on thin ice son! Keep moving forward, stick to the basics, keep your hands clean and your heart postured before the Spirit of God as you steward the calling, your life and those young. Your prayers move heaven! You are full of compassion, full of mercy, full of agape son! You’ve chosen humility son!

Settlers and explorers your time has come!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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