A word for the singles…

It’s going to be so worth the wait!! You’ll be blown away at the details as God has your best mate! You are not late! Keep walking through process, sticking to the basics, doing the work of un-embedding fear based mindsets as you step up into all things new!

You are going to be a great mate, for your mate! A heaven sent partner whose attitude determines altitude. One who’s willing to step up, and show up, and make up! One who’s not a lay about, not high-minded and entitled in what your purpose is all about.

A servant son, who knows how to run! One who knows you’re not a fixer, your identity is not in what you do, it is whose and who you are, you’re one who wants and desires to step up!

Partnerships of trust we shall see as the remnant is upon thee.

You’re going to grow in capacity, have the confidence to run and the ability in God to overcome! It’s going to be so worth the wait as you continue to put your head down and run!

“Keep your eyes on Me, says the King of Glory. You will see the right alignment for your life assignment as you follow Me!”

You have boundaries in place. You have discernment and you are not going to be duped! Transparency and vulnerability are your key! You are not a dirty duck, you are not bound to your flesh, you are a spirit walker! Found!

Pseudo spirituality isn’t going to take you out- denial and avoidance of facing the truth. Projecting your own flesh and hiding behind a false spirituality isn’t any use. Today you shall see clear dear and not be confused and held up with fog over what you want. Transparent and true, humility is with you! What you want is already in you! You are free to express yourself honestly. You are loved, you are seen, you are enough! No more beating yourself up! You’re going to face fear and rise son!

Those of you who in past seasons took on a ‘fixer role’ out of learned behaviours see now you are already whole. One with the King, you are enough in heaven’s ring. You’re not going to take on a false burden and play a role. You have the capacity in God to attract those who are emotionally whole!

Freedom is here! Freedom to see clear! No more ‘achilles heel.’ You understand how you’re wired and what you came through has led you to the fire! The presence of the King has centred you as you’ve learned it’s not on you to fix another! You have the freedom to choose! You have the freedom to wait, you’re not going to miss out, God has for you a great equal mate! Single, you don’t have to mingle as you wait!

Freedom to say yes, when there’s an invitation to ‘go steady.’ A person that wins your heart and your love will demonstrate consistent behaviour over an extended period of time. Take time to get to know how your prospective spouse rolls! How do they react/respond under pressure? Are they willing to make sacrifices that cost them something for the benefit of the relationship? Do they genuinely want the relationship? Do they actually love you and not just what you represent or what they can get from you? What’s their attitude/perspective on money? These are good questions to ask.

Maybe you’re waiting for him/her to grow up emotionally and demonstrate whole, so together you can mesh and go? Great! You have time! There is never a rush in heaven’s hush. The Holy Spirit is here!

Continue to yield to Holy Spirit helper amid your need! Share your desires, intentions and needs with accountable friends and colleagues! There is safety in numbers can you see?

Boundaries are key! You’re not going to be hoodwinked out of your destiny! Wise as a fox, harmless as a dove! Keep your messenger box clean! With chaperone, open, time, and clarity you shall see partnerships of trust in the right time queen!

Many of you in your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s are going to see your BEST days yet! Glory to glory you are seen!

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