2 by 2 we’re going to see glory presence breaking through! Alignment for assignment is upon you! For those who aren’t sure what and where your fit is, you’re going to experience eternal lens’s on you! You are positioned for break-through!

The mind of Christ is what you have been given to tap into! Eternal lens’s shall be seen as you posture your mind to the truth as you lean! Grace the person is with you! You’re empowered to fulfil the commission and the mission!

The Church doesn’t exist for you! It exists for the lost around you! There’s work to be done in the power of the Son! 2 by 2 you’re going to see breakthrough! Chains of oppression and religious tradition shall fall off lives son!

You are called to run! To run with the fire as holy hearts are your desire! You are going to see eternal and true upon you and the right alignments sent to help you! In mission, in purpose, in the work as you labor in the fields of life son!

From death to life! From darkness to light! The hordes of hell shall not hold hearts in a spell! With the horses you shall run!

Expansion is upon hearts in this season. To encounter more! More presence, more power, more of the strength of God upon you in this hour!

It’s going to be in the pause that you see powerful son! Not in a stall, not in a hall; but as you stand tall! The glory of God shall be seen as you lean. From a place of overflow you shall go! No more hark back, no more slow. The power of God you shall know!

Hearts are on the brink of sink, and you son, know how to dive deep and drink!

Many shall come forth in this hour, one in the Son, alive and FREE to run! You’re going to see dead men walking, alive in the Son! It’s going to be exhilarating son! Amid the world’s riot, you’re going to see a holy revival! Keep your eyes on the prize son. The battle is won!

Your home shall be a sanctuary, a safe harbour, a place of solitude and fun! Board games, rest, good food and happy days son.

Expansion is upon you, it’s time to have fun as you run!

Psalm 27:4 TPT

“Here’s one thing I crave from Yahweh, the one thing I seek above all else; I want to live with him every moment in this house; beholding the marvellous beauty of Yahweh, filled with awe, delighting in his glory and grace.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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