There’s a deep stirring at this time for more. To step into more. The eternal upon you in the here and now, as you steward the Kingdom of God well! Amid this stirring, I can sense there’s a swirl of natural understanding; self-preservation and logical thinking as well. I keep sensing the ‘wooing’ of the Spirit of God for more!

For those of you walking THROUGH process, KEEP GOING! Don’t give up the ghost, loose heart and compromise! It’s going to be SO WORTH THE WAIT! Keep trusting for more as you soar! Keep your eyes on the prize, for He knows and is wise!

I sense this word is specifically for those who know there’s more, you’re on track, target and time in the purpose of God in your line, but there’s a desire for more personally as you soar. In marriage, in an alignment that’s going to be heaven sent mutual support. Longevity of life is upon you! You’re going to be blown away as you take the hand of God and trust him for more.

Those in your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, you’re going to see more! More power, more strength, more of God’s goodness at your door. It’s an awakening into destiny! An awakening for more. You’re going to get fit, have a new hip, go forward with no more slip! There is MORE.

For those of you at the top of your ‘game’, flying solo in your lane, there is more. You know there’s more and I believe the Spirit of God is inviting you to TRUST God in the more. Yes, it’s going to be a stretch, yes, you’re going to have to adjust. Yes, it’s going to be uncomfortable, but there is more. More in interpersonal relationships, more in deposits and withdrawals, more in the good things God has lined up for you, together you’re going to soar!

Your ducks don’t need to be in a row for you to go. A good ATTITUDE is going to lead you in good-stead as you sow! PLOUGHING the fields together as you go! With the right perspective you will overcome time and time again as you move forward together and adjust!

All of life is process. Life is a series of hurdles, a series of events, together, you’re going to experience HEAVEN SENT! Keep moving forward, be open for more, trust God has your back, you’re going to see more!

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