For those looking in… your heart is already won. Your response is all that’s needed as you feel that drawing to come.. True love has come to set your heart free..Heaven’s heart is set upon seeing you free! You were chosen before you were even born.. Wanted, dreamed of and created to be in unity with heaven’s heartbeat for thee. Loved, you can come. First love sees. Through your tears, through your sorrow, you are so dearly and completely loved.

You came through your parents, not from them. Love has come.. Your entire life is won, home is in the Son. You know there’s more. You’ve felt the draw. The tug on your heart for more.. You’ve wanted to step through the door, but many times when you’ve felt the tug, you’ve not been sure.

The time has come, your time to come.. To let go of unsure as you allow the hands of love to embrace you that draw you near.. it’s a dance of trust, but you know you must come.. Faith is drawing you near.

You’re going to see all clear and draw near. It’s true love that’s drawing you near. You’ve been separated from birth and now is the time to come. Re-born is simply to come. It’s time to be connected in the Son. You’re going to feel light as a feather as the presence of the living God lifts you up and out of the pain you’ve carried amid all types of weather. God isn’t in a rush, he’s often in the hush. He is patient and kind. He sees us in a bind. You dear, are a find! He bottles up our tears and pours them over us, you’re an alabaster jar of love dear.

Dearly loved. You’re not a worker bee, you’re created to be. To walk in Heaven’s presence here on earth and see. No matter what you’re facing today, know this.. love loves you with a transcendent, everlasting love! It’s called agape love. Not eros, romantic love, perfect love. You’re an overcomer dear!

Jesus hung at the place of the skull. He felt it all, he faced it all, he paid for it all. Perfect love, for all. You are so precious dear! The powers of darkness no longer shall you see. Your eyes shall see the wonder and joy of knowing heaven intimately. You are created for more and your heart shall soar! Come now and receive. Become a generous receiver of the One who gave up all for thee! Today, is the day of Salvation. Not tomorrow, not next week.. Today.. simply come… Lay aside your beliefs, your own ways, your strength and capacity, and you will see truth that sets you free.. in humility you shall receive. Your fragility shall become strength indeed!

Simply come, believe, it’s your time to receive! Perfect love sees.

John 3:16 The Passion Translation

God’s Love for Everyone

“And just as Moses in the desert lifted up the brass replica of a venomous snake on a pole for all the people to see and be healed, so the Son of Man is ready to be lifted up, so those who truly believe in him will not perish but be given eternal life. For here is the way God loved the world- he gave his only, unique Son as a gift. So now everyone who believers in him will never perish but experience ever-lasting life.”

Footnote by translator- Or believe in him. Salvation and regeneration come only by faith. True faith contains a number of components: acceptance, embracing something (someone) as truth, union with God and his Word, and an inner confidence that God alone is enough.

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