Shift is upon you in this season! You’re going to closure to the season of restriction and constriction! Where there’s been a hemming in on all sides and due process that’s taken your time! Many of you are coming through the tunnel of terror into all things new!

The tentacles of leviathan that have sucked and sucked and done all they can to drain and restrain have been dealt with! No longer shall you be confined in a place of preservation, you’re going to see your airways open up and run too! No more hunkering down! No more hemmed in!

No more sneaky, tricky, time wasting nonsense around you! Exposure is here! You have kept your hands clean! You have held onto the hem of Daddy’s robe, his dream! Centred and true you’ve come through! Flying colours upon you! Your life as a laid down lover true! One who seeks one thing only.. to be known in Daddy’s presence, your life sown.. the powers of darkness shall not have you!

You’ve danced with danger and come through! Your life a testament of faithful and true! The power of love upon you! Carrying you! You’re going to see greater release, greater freedom in this time and space! Well done son! Well done daughter! You have run your race well!

There is a swell! New waves of glory! New waves of presence! Upgrade upon you! Recompense is upon you! Peace! Over every aspect of your life! You’re going to see fluid release! Weight loss! Naturally supernatural as the timing and alignment of God shall be seen! You are a trumpet of mercy! One whose hands are clean! One whose heart is true!

The Mercy heart of God has triumphed and you are now free to go! The chains of your past no longer shall you know! The oil of gladness is yours! Wide open spaces and brand new places you shall know! Freedom to live, freedom to breathe! Freedom to walk down your street in peace!

In the end of Job’s testing time, Satan was proved wrong! Job trusted in God! Job saw restore and more!! God gave Job twice as much as before! Long life! Family! Land! Be encouraged friend, the BEST is ahead! God won’t be mocked! His ways are timeless and true!

Job 42

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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