The protection, provision and presence of God is with you! You’re in the win! You’re taken seriously! God sees your faithfulness and you shall see a preservation of your life as you carry on! As you keep moving forward in heaven’s song!

You’re going through process which is a set-up to release you exponentially queen! It’s a set-up to release you into the more that God has in store, because he’s seen your heart to reach other’s queen. Freedom is your war cry, freedom is your heart, freedom is the honey of heaven upon you queen! To see captives set-free! Dead men talking and walking, alive and free!

Purpose has centred you, amid the noise, amid the arrows sent to destroy! The commission of Matthew 28:18 you have run with and you shall not be taken out prematurely queen! It’s time to keep moving forward in presence and power queen. You are seen. You are faithful and there’s a truce over the witchcraft arrows sent against you!

You don’t need to react, respond or entertain any of it. That high-minded pride with roots in strife is not yours to swallow. Shake it off, all shall be well. Purpose is upon you! Purpose is leading you and it’s the TRUTH you stand on that centres you.

There’s a quiet confidence upon you. A ‘a-ha moment’ where you’re going to see through. Insight and clarity that’s going to help guide you through. You’re going to experience tangible peace over your past, over your present and over tomorrow. God is with you, upon you and leading you into promise as you follow.

There are instructions to follow as you follow. You will get promptings to put in applications, for housing, for land, for passports, for tomorrow. Some of you are going to relocate. Others of you are going to stay. When the doors open, follow.

Your heart is pure and your mind is clear as you tap into the mind of Christ through the truth dear. You are one whose heart is won. You’re a treasure trove of trust! You understand your ways are not God’s ways and you’ve learned to ‘lean on Me’, amid your humanity and the fear of tomorrow..

It’s all a set-up dear! So many more souls are coming through the gate, not late! Freedom is here! The helper is here to give you support and you’re going to see all clear! There’s no illusions about you. You’re settled in the presence of God here. You’re going to see a settling of the areas of your heart where there’s been disturbance and pain dear. Favour is with you queen. The favour of God is upon you and is giving you a leg-up queen! Keep moving forward as you lean!

With faith and with patience you shall receive. Your life has so much impact queen! You carry the honey and heart of heaven and the KING is seen! You can lean! God is going to reward you this side of the ditch AND when you’re in his arms physically queen!

You’re going to see! It’s time to dream! It’s time to expect God to deliver what you need! This week! Fresh peace over your heart, your destiny, the dreams! With God, all things are possible and you shall see fulfilment of your dream today and tomorrow!

You are strong, you are courageous! You are disarming and the anointing released through you is a wrecking ball to the religious spirits that are entrenched in idolatry and selfishness! Every evil foe sent to take you out shall not succeed, you are known! The oil of God’s presence leads you as you go! You are surrounded by the fire of his presence and you’re going to see miracles, provision, fortitude, delivery, opportunity! You are not a liability!! You’re going to be okay, faith has made a way! It’s all a set-up! Heaven on Earth you shall know!

Hebrews 11:1 TPT

The power of bold faith

“Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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