Unusual warfare accompanies walking in a prophetic anointing, it’s just apart of it in this lane.. as you continue to hold your head high and abide in his love, contending through prayer, breakthrough will come!

The heart of God will be seen as mercy triumphs over judgment and the crazy that’s done.. it’s a dance of trust which is a must..

It’s learning to abide in heaven’s hush.

To not react to missiles fired. Word curses that are sent to bait you, to make you late.. distractions that want to take you off course, love loves large.

Love has the capacity to carry on amid things coming against you that are wrong.

Love has the capacity to stay strong, living above it all in heaven’s song.

Love enables you not to fear, when dogs bark at you trying to drown your voice dear.

There’s no logical explanation for many of the difficulties you face. Why you have to go through prolonged lengthy process and undue case.. often it’s an opportunity for patient and long, as the love of God triumphs and breaks through into the hearts of those twisted for so long..

The powers of darkness cannot touch you when you don’t bite into the offence, the lies, the accusations and distractions which are sent to defer from the deeper issue which is the heart of the matter and that’s what God is longing for. His alabaster box of love broken over your heart for all!

So, if you’re being mis-represented, dragged into silly that makes no sense, know this. Your family, your heart and the calling, it’s all won in his love from the start!

You will see mercy triumph dear heart!

Love loves large!

Love is ever-so-patient, ever-so-kind!

Love is here!

Loved, you can abide as you fly above the dart!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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