Jesus isn’t taken by surprise, he doesn’t hide his face from your process, your life.. He sees the real you and he’s in the game of life with you! You’re on track, on target and on time. You know what you want, God has placed those beautiful desires inside you. For relationship, for intimacy, for connection.. no longer do you need to hide.

You’re going to see the right partner come to you. There’s been allot of movement behind the scene with what was once green.

Many of you are going to see alignment as you keep moving forward with an attitude of gratitude and the awe of wonder of Almighty God! You’re going to see the power of God plunder. Love loves large! Plundering your walls of comfort and conformity, phoenix, you shall laugh!

You’re disarming! Full of courage, one who will run into a burning house and take the occupants out! You are fearless queen! Not afraid to be seen with a ‘queen’. Not afraid to sit with a street worker or a greedy tax collector; or a man of cloth in prison chain!

Where you’ve been pursued by a vexatious spirit, the litigious ones, ones who have stolen years off your life, you are going to see God has been! Life is not a linear- line dear! You are protected, you are seen! Mercy has been, on mercy you can lean.

You’ve learned how to pause in his presence and to stop for the one! Miracle after miracle in life’s interruptions has come!

Miracles at the check-in counter, miracles in the court rooms, miracles of love as you beam! Angels with you, the tangible presence of God seen! Every-detail of your life is a set up for Glory presence to be seen! The King of Glory shall be seen!

The fear of having to have your ducks in a row is an illusion, that you know! The HELPER has delivered you from life’s trials as you continue to flow! You know how to sow!! Into others as you go! A lightening conductor, one who has the heart for others to be known!

You can’t fail friend! It’s all a set up!

Daddy has seen the lonely nights, the tears and the agony and the frustration where others have tried to tear you apart. Paul understood this, he had a viper on his foot near the fire. He kicked it off and carried on. Jacob had a limb and a dodgy hip after wresting with an angel through the night! Humility and softness is wrapped in your story..

Where you’ve endured a harsh winter season of vexatious litigation, where you’ve been isolated relationally through years of hardship and pain; where you’ve kept your mouth closed as you’ve watched those pure in heart, yet immature and unsure withdraw from you not wanting to be seen!

You’ve experienced the wrap around presence of God in your heart and in your song. You’ve worshipped through tears as you’ve clung on to his hem, Daddy’s never run out on you dear! It’s all a set up and you’re going to live your dream!

Pure heart, clean hands, you know what you want! God has a plan and he has the man! In the context of your situation, you’re going to be open to receive the right fit! For some of you it’s the PEACE to move forward solo. A unicorn before the Spirit of God. An anointing to do life celibate. The Holy Spirit is here!

For others of you, you’ve done the heavy lifting! You’ve un-embedded fear based mindsets around your past, you didn’t sign up to be abused dear! You didn’t bring that upon yourself, the depravity of humanity is apart of life here..

You’ve allowed the Spirit of God to heal your heart so you can be open to the good things he has lined up for you from the start. You’ve found a soft landing here! No shame, just mercy’s kiss! You are his flame! A diamond dear! One who’s tried, tested and true! You’re going to see Daddy bring the right fit to you! No longer shall you do life solo, but with the right fit coming to help you!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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