Out of the box, you’re going to experience heaven’s song! In this now season the Spirit of God is bringing forth different expressions in our congregations! We’re going to see a beautiful mosaic of the beauty of God revealed 2 by 2! Houses are going to be bursting at the seams!! Quirky ministries and start ups shall be seen! Those leading local houses shall see new wine! The Spirit of God shall be seen!

There’s a holy hush over the chaos and circumstances that you’ve seen. Jesus is the 4th man with you in the fire! He sees you queen.

Minstrel, you can lean!

I hear Daddy whisper,

“Don’t forsake the fellowship in My name, like a diamond that has many facets I’m bringing you what you need.”

For some of you it’s being able to receive. Laying down ideal and accepting real. Your local congregations will no longer be a hard pill! Your boundaries have fallen in pleasant places. Holy Spirit is leading you forward queen. He’s bringing the ones and two’s to you. The ones who can listen, moved by compassion with you.

You’re going to see the Holy Spirit’s lead as God is bringing what you need! Many expressions, one-flame!

The Bride/Church/Congregation One! No longer hung! No longer divided on sides! A holy hush shall come! Heavy yolks shall not be seen. The outworking of our congregations are looking vastly different in this era in Jesus name!

Many, many, new ministries that serve and wash feet are being raised up! You are not late! Quirky start-ups shall be seen and the dime shall follow as these start ups carry the DNA and flavour of heaven’s name!

Setting captives free through the truth in love you shall see! Our houses shall swell and lives shall go forth empowered in heaven’s name, plundering hell! The HOPE of GLORY shall be seen! God has a place for you, the Ecclesia! The box of expected norms, tradition and culture around what a local house should be and how you should fit shall see a soft landing indeed! Simplicity is key!

No more boxed in, cookie cutter shall be! No more unrealistic expectations put upon leaders who are called to lead! Teachers shall teach, leaders shall lead! Those entrusted with leadership roles shall lead and release others to go! The hands and feet in the community you shall see!

Many shall see personal needs met as they reach others in need! We shall see 2 by 2’s rising up in our parks, in street connects, in lane ways and in tents! Fellowship over food, simple and true, conversations that provide a truce! A soft landing indeed, as hearts shall no longer bleed isolated and alone!

Many many ministers shall find a soft landing in these connections, ‘home’.

God has a place for you! Jesus wept, he washed feet, he was fully God and fully man. He was naturally supernatural, you shall experience connections that are sweet! He was hunted down, chased out of towns, in the Father’s presence there was a holy hush amid the devils trying to take him down!

Many of you are going to find the sweet spot. You’re going to fellowship 2 by 2. Step out of your front door and take the risk to trust. The past is mere dust. Others of you, it’s time to press through! Through the mud flung at you! You are not a product of situations or circumstance! HE QUALIFIES YOU and that’s all you need to follow through.. the anointing in you for life and the anointing upon you for others, heaven’s dew! His fiery presence surrounds you!

No need to worry about the attempts on your life, that murderous spirit has been dealt with! You shall not prematurely die!! With unrealistic expectations of perfectionism, so tightly wound up, dry. The well of life is in you! Out of the box, you’re going to experience upgrade for loss! A soft landing in relationships 2 by 2!

Philippians 3:13-14 TPT

“I don’t depend on my own strength to accomplish this, however I do have one compelling focus. I forget all of the past as I fasten my heart to the future instead. I run straight for the divine invitation of reaching the heavenly goal and gaining the victory-prize through the anointing of Jesus.”

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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