So far, it’s been 37 years walking with Jesus since I first had my spiritual eyes opened! That awakening happened as an 11 year old girl, in a Texas Church plant, Shiloh ministries here in Perth, Australia. Through all these years as a new creation in Christ, I have seen his faithfulness everywhere! He has never left me, forsaken me and has kept me close when I felt less than in the presence of the Pharisees as I went on, who stoned me for many, many, years..

The stones that others throw, or we throw at ourselves, are often rooted in lack. It takes time, often years to un-pack the truth of who and whose we loves large and is ever so patient with us removing the stones that have kept us buried, heaven has the last laugh! The stones of twisted theology, power and powerlessness and misogyny- all influences in stoning, but love always comes back to the heart.

A heart that’s loved much, loves much.. forgiven much, is empowered to forgive those who stone us..Through the stoning of harsh critics, the law, jealousy, unbelief, mocking spirits and all the other stones humanity throws at us, it’s the loving Father who’s faithfully kept me here.

Stone by stone, I’ve fallen on THE ROCK and he’s comforted me, leading me on here. Nothing can keep us down as we fall in his arms, I’m so grateful for his unfailing, unconditional, transcendent love! Our soft landing here.

Love that empowers us to forgive others and to forgive ourselves!

I have seen love demonstrated on-going in the divine connections God brings us here! Kind folk who have come and given me a ‘drink’, something to ‘eat’ and wrapped their arms of love around me here.. The kindness of others who come and remove stones that have been thrown by others leaves me un-done! I’m ever so grateful for his mercy here..

All on our life’s journey of un-packing our new nature identity here. Each story wrapped in his glory! Fully done, complete in the Son, love that’s won, leading us on here.

I am so grateful for the supernatural life of Grace that’s won! Walking in the Spirit, One!

My hearts desire is that you would know Daddy’s tangible love- ever increasing, glory to glory, never ending, enough! That the stones you’ve been buried under would be removed one by one, that you would flourish! A stream in the desert, a pool of healing for others to come!

You have found a safe landing here. I love you dearly, together we are better dear. You’ve got this, Daddy’s got you and you’re going to have fun as you run!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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