Remember 2023 is YOUR year… together we are stronger! Got your back in prayer! Excited to see you flying free, living in the fullness of all Daddy’s done to set you free!

Word released Rosh Hashana 2023….

2023 is the year of increase and more as the Spirt of God is blowing through your door! You’re going to see a level of breakthrough that’ll be a consummation of decades of seed sown in years before! We’re in the roaring 20’s, the decade of pey- to decree and to declare as it is in heaven here on earth and to give birth! Increase is coming! There’s a backlog of provision! Breakthrough is upon you! Every heart that’s been wounded by enemy arrows shall see the power of God blow! Fresh fire, fresh desire and the capacity to receive the increase, steward it with wisdom and flow! Every evil arrow and foe will be defeated as you go! 5783 is the year of increase and more!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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