The ‘prize’ of souls, breaking through line upon line, precept upon precept comes back to your heart to train, equip, see brothers and sisters launched and not flip! It’s rooted in a victorious mindset and years of hard core training through the firey trials of life. Every evil arrow, every heartache, every loss, every pain; as you’ve sown it in Jesus name you’ll continue to see resurrection power and strength in Jesus name! The seeds are duplicating!!

The battle is real, but it’s on heaven to deal! Your part is to show up, stand up, step up, lean! Receive as you wait and pray, trust, expect and refuse to settle in mediocrity and dust! With faith and patience you shall see heavens reign!

I know for some of you it’s been years and years and years of difficulties as you’ve processed through in heavens name! Be encouraged! You’re not alone, you’re pioneering dear. Carving out a way forward for the next generation dear! Many, many souls are attached to your destiny and the power of Gods love reigns!

You’re going to see an end to this process, this on-going difficulty. Its time is up!

You’re going to see the foundation of what God has laid in your life solid as he raises many others up! You are a champion dear!! A trailblazer!! One who’s incredibly precious, one who’s protected, one who’s life as a soul winner is kept close under heavens wing, the path ahead is clear!!

Prophetic Book of Poetry

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