There’s a seal of authority over your life, you’re going to see 2 by 2 relationally for you, you’re not going to lose! Your desires shall see fresh fire! You’re going to see God has been! The Holy Spirit is with you queen! Leading you as you lean!

“As you tap into Me, miracles of relational stability you shall see!”

The Holy Spirit shall lead! You’re NOT going to bleed! You’re not going to see highjack! You’re not going to see a house of cards!! The beauty of the great exchange is that Father and Son have been! There’s confidence to lead! You’re not going to see ‘loose change’ indeed! The power of the Holy Spirit shall be seen as BOTH lean! As both come into alignment, seen!

Transparent and true is upon you! You can lean! No more discard in the notion of a romantic relationship! No more filter, no more games, no more running and hiding, you’re going to lean!

You have the freedom to choose! To choose this day who you’ll serve! Culture and tradition, entrenched views, bad experiences and formative years that were not the best for you? Knowledge is powerful! When the lights come on, we have the freedom and confidence to choose! You’re not going to lose! God has your best interests at heart and the right romantic alignments are coming for YOU!

Eden is upon you! 2 by 2, you shall take flight, not interfering with each other’s soul in the night. It’s not going to be control, it’s going to be yielded to TRUTH together as you roll! The power and the presence of God is upon you!

Your desires are coming into alignment as the filter of self-preservation shall be gone tonight! You are not too young, or too old! Too black, too white! Too this, too that! You are heaven’s DELIGHT! You are not going to lose! God has the right alignments for you!

Heaven sees you! Through the nature and the nurture, all about you!

“There’s a soft-landing in Me, says the King of glory and the right partnerships will bring peace!”

No longer shall you ‘go it alone.’ Powerful on your own. God wants to add increase to you! To give you what you need. To strengthen you relationally indeed! It’s time to receive! To get real and stop running, it’s time to see alignment son!

You’ve stepped into Covenant son, God is with you both, there is the right partnership for you, that’s God’s best son!

The grave clothes are off! The filter of regret, the filter of regress, where you’ve filtered intimate relationships through a lens of negative experiences, you shall no longer see son! It’s time to press! It’s time to tap in! It’s time to believe! You’re going to see your personal 2 by 2!

The boundary lines of your life, your marriage, your family shall fall in pleasant places indeed! Emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually! You are both free to be, free to choose, free to serve and minister to each other through the power of the Holy Spirit, together, one!

Psalm 16:5 TPT

Yahweh, you alone are my inheritance. You are my prize, my pleasure, and my portion. You hold my destiny and its time in your hands. Your pleasant path leads me to pleasant places. I’m overwhelmed by the privileges that come with following you.”

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